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Bridge of Dee Study - STAG Part 1: Methodology and Programme

The Stag Part 1 Appraisal was completed in May 2014

The first phase of the STAG process is complete and has been reported in STAG Report Volume 1 of 4: Pre-appraisal. This methodology outlines the work to be undertaken to complete the STAG Part 1 Appraisal phase of work.

For a copy of the Methodology and Programme note please click on the following links.

A summary of the key stages is described below along with links to key documents and plans. The options to be taken forward to this phase were those 'sifted in' during the Pre-appraisal. These options are:

  • Concept 5: Additional downstream crossing
  • Concept 6: Additional upstream crossing (including variants)
  • Concept 7: Additional Adjacent Crossing

Concept 8 (widening of the Bridge of Dee) and Concept 9 (replacement of the Bridge of Dee) were retained, but are considered less desirable due to their impact on the Bridge of Dee Category A Listed Building and for Concept 8, its potential to impact on the River Dee Special Area of Conservation. These options will only be considered in the event that other alternatives are not considered viable and are therefore not included in this phase at present.

The methodology will be in line with the STAG - Part 1 Appraisal Guidance Note (01/01/2012).

STAG Part 1 Appraisal Summary Tables will be prepared for each option assessed, detailing the findings in respect of:

  • proposal details and background information;
  • performance against the project specific objectives;
  • implementation appraisal;
  • environmental assessment;
  • safety assessment;
  • economic assessment;
  • integration assessment; and
  • accessibility and social inclusion assessment.

Further information in respect of particular tasks to be undertaken is provided below.

STAG Part 1 Reports

The Bridge of Dee Study draft STAG Part 1 Appraisal Summary Tables (AST) were completed in February 2014 and are available at the following links along with the report to the Enterprise, Sustainable Planning and Infrastructure Committee in March 2014:

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents that feed into the STAG part 1 Appraisal report can be found at the following links:

Appendices to the Engineering Assessment Report and the Structures Option Report can be found in the Conceptual Drawings section below.

Conceptual Drawings

The work required the preparation of preliminary designs of layouts and structures required for each concept. For details of each concept being considered along with draft plans of the proposals please click on the following link:

Public Acceptability

To ensure that this is addressed stakeholder consultation will continue to be undertaken as the project progresses. An update of the stakeholder mapping exercise has been undertaken, with a particular focus on landowners who may be affected by the proposals. This review included identifying any stakeholders to be consulted individually during the Part 1 Appraisal process.

During 2012/13 stakeholders were updated and consulted on progress in writing. During September 2013, once the majority of the assessment was complete, public exhibitions were undertaken. Details of the public consultation held during 2013 can be found at the following link:

Next Stage

Stakeholders will continue to be involved as the study progresses. It is envisaged that work on the STAG Part 2 stage of the study will be completed by March 2016. Part 1 Volume 3 of the STAG Report detailing the outcomes of this stage of the study will be prepared and will be made available on this website.

Updates will continue to be posted on these web pages as the study progresses.

Any comments on the above layouts can be made in writing with the heading "Bridge of Dee Study" to the address detailed on the first page or can alternatively be emailed to us at making sure the subject heading contains the words "Bridge of Dee Study".

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