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Aberdeen Access from the South - Bridge of Dee Study Public Consultation May 2016


During May 2016 Aberdeen City Council held a public consultation on this key transportation project to investigate capacity issues and potential opportunities relating to the existing transport network in the Bridge of Dee area of Aberdeen.

The aim of the consultation was to engage with the public on the options being considered, obtain feedback and report findings as part of the Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) Part 2 Assessment.

The information provided for the consultation is as follows:

Problems and Objectives

The following existing and potential future traffic issues were identified in Bridge of Dee area:

  • The Bridge of Dee is a bottleneck with congestion during peak periods;
  • The existing bridge road carriageway and footway widths are sub-standard with Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) needing to make a 2km detour onto local roads; and
  • Growth associated with delivery of the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development plan involving additional housing and population demands will increase the number of motorists utilising the road network, potentially increasing pressure at key locations such as the Bridge of Dee

The study identified the following objectives against which proposed options are to be measured:

  • Support the implementation of the current Development Plans by 2030 in a manner which does not result in increased journey times compared to 2010 for all classes of road users;
  • Incorporate measures which benefit public transport and active travel and encourage modal shift from private car use;
  • Improve safety, security, amenity and connectivity for non-motorised road users and communities within the study area;
  • Deliver air quality and noise impact benefits in areas adjacent to the local road network by directing traffic towards the strategic road network;
  • Recognise the importance of the River Dee SAC and the Category A Bridge of Dee and develop proposals minimize overall environmental impacts, including at these locations, to a level acceptable to the consenting authority; and
  • Support the effective operation of the local and national transport networks, including use by traffic of appropriate distributor routes


A number of options have been identified that are considered to meet the above objectives and these have been developed in consultation with Stakeholder groups. Descriptions of each option are given below along with a link to the Exhibition Material being presented at the exhibitions.

Concept 6
A new upstream crossing is proposed with junction improvements; a new shared use cycleway/pedestrian bridge crossing adjacent to the existing Bridge of Dee; a new dual carriageway link road between Garthdee Road and A90 Stonehaven Road including the new crossing; Improvements to Garthdee Road to allow two lanes in each direction; and the widening of the existing Bridge of Dee road carriageway to enable HGVs and public transport to utilise this route.

Concept 6B
Contains all the elements of Concept 6 with the addition of a new link road between Inchgarth Road and A93 North Deeside Road.

Concept 7
A new adjacent crossing is proposed with junction improvements and a new single carriageway link road between Leggart Terrace and A90 Stonehaven Road. The existing Bridge of Dee will become a dedicated non-motorised user facility.

See the links below for access to the exhibition material:

The questionnaire used for the feedback (both an online and pdf version) can be found below:


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