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Bridge of Dee Study - Available Documents


Planning Documents

Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan

This Structure Plan was published by the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan Authority and was approved by Scottish Ministers in August 2009. The purpose of the plan is to provide a clear direction for the future development of the city region to 2030. The Structure Plan has a number of aims including ensuring that the area has enough people, homes and jobs to support the level of services and facilities needed to maintain and improve quality of life; protect and improve valued assets including the built and natural environment and cultural heritage; and making the most efficient use of the transport network. It provides targets to meet these aims, and in particular sets out the extent of land required for new housing and employment related developments and a broad spatial direction on where such land should be provided. It also sets out a range of development proposals that are intended to be provided.


Aberdeen City Local Development Plan

The LDP provides information on sites where land is proposed to be allocated for development to meet the housing and employment land allowances in the Structure Plan, and sets out requirements that will need to be met in delivering developments. It also provides policies that apply to all new development within the City, and various topic based policies. The LDP is accompanied by proposed Supplementary Guidance on various topics. Those that are of particular relevance to this study are:

  • SG2.1 Infrastructure and Developer Contributions Manual; and
  • SG9.18 The Robert Gordon University: Garthdee Masterplan (originally published May 2009)


Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan

The LDP provides information on sites where land is proposed to be allocated in Aberdeenshire to meet the housing and employment land allowances identified in the Structure Plan. It also provides policies against which all development proposals will be assessed and topic based policies. Proposed Supplementary Guidance on various topics accompanies the LDP, including settlement statements and topic based guidance. Of particular relevance is the settlement statement for Kincardine and Mearns, which covers part of the study area and is located to the south of the city.

Transport Policy Documents
Scotland's National Transport Strategy
The NTS was published in 2006 by the Scottish Government. It sets out an overview of Scotland's transport needs and key challenges to improve journey times and connections, reduce emissions, and improve quality, accessibility and affordability of transport choices. It explains Scottish Ministers' key commitments to addressing these challenges. The NTS sets the national context for the preparation of transport policy and programmes at regional and local level.
Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy 2021
The Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) was published by Nestrans and approved by Scottish Ministers in July 2008. It provides an overview of the vision, objectives and preferred package of measures required to improve transportation within Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire and external links up to 2021. The RTS is supported by various Action Plans and a Delivery Plan which has been agreed by Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.
Aberdeen City Council Local Transport Strategy (LTS) 2008-2012
This LTS was approved in 2008 and outlines the policies and interventions the Council intends to adopt to guide the planning and improvement of the local transport network in Aberdeen over the next five years.

Aberdeenshire Council Local Transport Strategy (LTS) 2007-2010

This LTS was approved in 2007 and outlines the policies and interventions the Council intends to adopt to guide the planning and improvement of the local transport network in Aberdeenshire over the next three years.

Previous Studies

Aberdeen City Council/Aberdeenshire Council/Nestrans Aberdeen Access from the South Study 2008

This document presents the findings of a transport study of various options to improve access to Aberdeen from the south. It should be noted that the area considered within this study is much wider in extent than the area considered in the various studies noted above, and that this study therefore gives rise to a much wider range of recommended interventions. This study classified measures on the basis of being considered as short (2008), medium (2012) or long-term (2027), based on the prospective implementation dates for the measures identified. The long term options considered relevant to the Bridge of Dee area were:

  • Widen Bridge of Dee with roundabouts or signalised junctions;
  • New two-way bridge upstream of Bridge of Dee;
  • New bridge upstream of Bridge of Dee to form gyratory with Bridge of Dee;
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Lane on Great Southern Road in both directions between Bridge of Dee and King George VI Bridge

The Report provided recommended options for measures selected from the short, medium and long-term categories.

Although this report presents an environmental assessment of the options evaluated, the comments noted in that assessment are limited to environmental issues associated with traffic congestion and recognition of the cultural heritage impact of the option involving widening of the existing Bridge of Dee. Although this report post-dates the designation of the River Dee as a Special Area of Conservation, it does not comment on the potential ecological impacts of the option involving widening of the River Dee, and makes no reference to the need for an Appropriate Assessment of such a proposal.




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