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Bus Lane Enforcement

The new bus lane enforcement cameras became operational in Aberdeen in 2013. As per Scottish Government legislation any monies received from bus lane enforcement must be allocated towards achieving Aberdeen City Council's objectives and policies relating to the Local Transport Strategy (LTS).

Council services are requested to submit schemes they wish to be considered to be implemented from monies received from bus lane offences.

An example of such schemes is shown in the report at the following link:


Motorists caught driving illegally in Aberdeen's bus lanes can expect a 60 charge, reduced to 30 if paid within 14 days.

Recovery of an Unpaid Bus Lane Charge Notice

Do not ignore a Charge Notice

It may carry additional penalties if it is not paid (or contested) promptly.

  • If payment remains outstanding 28 days after a 'Charge Notice' has been issued, or after an appeal or representation has been refused, Aberdeen City Council may issue a 'Charge Certificate' increasing the penalty by a further 50% of the original charge.
  • After a 'Charge Certificate' has been issued and the penalty charge remains unpaid it may be passed to the Aberdeen City Council's debt recovery agent for further action. At this stage additional fees may be added above the sum owe to the council. At this stage recovery is no longer in the hands of ACC. Any communication should be made to the Sheriff Officer who will issue a payment demand.

The only vehicles allowed to use the bus lanes are buses, taxis, private licensed hire vehicles and bicycles. Emergency service vehicles can use them only when responding to an emergency.

Eleven digital cameras have been installed on strategic routes across the city to tackle the growing problem of illegal use of the bus lanes. Aberdeen City Council was granted authority to carry out the civil enforcement of bus lanes after submitting a business case to the Scottish Government. The main objectives are to improve traffic flow, journey times, encourage the use of public transport, and improve air quality in the city.

There is an FAQ page at the following link:


For further information on the Local Transport Strategy please see the following link:


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