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Gritting and Snow Clearing

You can report a concern relating to winter maintenance (icing or gritting) through our online service. Depending on the severity of the conditions, treatment can often be delayed on priority 2 and 3 routes as all the Council's resources are tied up on priority 1 routes.

Aberdeen City Council is responsible for providing winter maintenance on 550 miles of road and over 1200 miles of footways.

Online Gritting and Snow Clearance Updates

You can now check on the progress of winter maintenance operations around Aberdeen:


We currently have, at our Tullos Depot:

There are 3 Priorities of Road Network:

  • Priority 1 - principal roads that carry heavy traffic flows or serve as a public service bus route
  • Priority 2 - principal or classified roads that carry medium traffic flows or give access to community or public facilities of a non urgent nature
  • Priority 3 - access/minor roads where it could be expected that road users could make their way to the nearest higher priority route

Trunk Road Network


  • The situation is monitored 24 hours a day
  • Overnight treatment normally only treats busiest arteries
  • Early morning treatment occurs between 4:45am and 7:00am which ensures that main roads are treated before rush hour
  • Early morning treatment covers 10 carriageway routes and priority 1 footway routes (Union Street/King Street etc)
  • Other footways are treated from 7:45am if necessary
  • During prolonged adverse weather the majority of roads and ground staff work on winter maintenance
  • During severe weather, resources will concentrate on high Priority areas


  • The Met Office provide forecasts
  • There are 6 road sensors which provide up to date temperatures on road conditions.

Winter Advice

Ready Scotland contains practical advice and simple steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, your community and your business from the worst effects of all kinds of weather.

The Scottish Government also wants to hear from members of the public who have any experiences to share with others about how to deal with winter weather.You can send an email to pass on your top tips for coping with winter weather to others who need help.

Grit Bins

Grit Bins are provided throughout the city to provide salt, salt/sand mixtures for local residents or any other road user should they choose to use the facility. Find out more, including the locations of the bins.

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  • Winter Maintenance (Snow Clearance)
    West Tullos Roads Depot
    Craigshaw Drive
    West Tullos Industrial Estate
    AB12 3AL

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