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Roads Maintenance

Pothole If you discover a road defect you should report this to us as soon as possible.

Road defects include faults such as potholes and blocked drains.

This can be done by calling our Customer Contact Centre on 03000 200 292 or report online using the Online Fault Reporting System on this web site. 

Emergency defects should be reported at any time on 03000 200 292 and will be made safe within 2 to 24 hours.

When you report a defect, there are a number of possible outcomes. For more details on this  or to answer any other questions you may have, please see our FAQ's below.

Report a concern via our Report It page.

Help Shape Our ServicesHelp Shape Our Services

We are providing our customers with the opportunity to help us improve how our services are delivered.

You are invited to take part in a variety of ways to contribute and give your feedback. If you are interested

in helping us reshape and develop our services please register now by selecting the link above.

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  • Phone: 03000 200 292

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