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Grasshopper Scheme



The Grasshopper ticket is a practical, convenient and
cost-effective way to travel in Aberdeen City and Shire. Simply hop on and off the buses of any operator with a single multi-operator bus ticket! 



Grasshopper Ticket Prices

 Type Price 
 Adult Day Pass  10.50
 Adult Week Pass  34.00
Zone Day Week
Zone 1 4.20 21.00
Zone 2 7.80 22.00
Zone 3 9.00 27.50
Zone 4 11.50 36.50
Zone 5 14.50 43.50
Zone 6 16.00 49.00
  • A simple and quick way to save you money on your bus fares
  • Ideal for commuters, regular travellers and day-trippers
  • Valid on all* operators' bus routes in Zones 1 - 6



*Not valid on night services, football specials, sightseeing buses, "Gig 'n' Go" or other special event services

Find out more information here at the Grasshopper Homepage

Hop on... hop off... any day... no fuss!


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