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Bus Information Strategy 2011

Aberdeen City Council's Bus Information Strategy outlines the Council's vision for improving the quality and availability of local bus information. It combines a best practice review with the outcomes of two rounds of public and stakeholder consultation and a thorough analysis of the state of existing information provision to formulate a series of actions that the Council and local bus operators will work towards the implementation of in order to improve and expand bus information in Aberdeen. Key to this is making such information as accessible and comprehensive as possible to all residents of and visitors to the City.

The Strategy commits the Council and bus operators to work in partnership to:

  • Continue to promote the public transport options available in Aberdeen and to progress schemes to improve bus punctuality and reliability and to reduce journey times
  • Ensure that all information on local bus services conforms to best practice guidelines and is easy to access and comprehend by all In particular, improve the quality and volume of information at the bus stop. The Council would like to see full and current timetable information at every boarding stop within the City, encompassing all bus services calling at that stop. We would also like to see increased availability of maps and fare and journey time information at stops
  • Improve the information available on board buses themselves, in terms of clear and legible destination screens, knowledgeable drivers who can deliver information to passengers and an increased availability of fare information and timetables on board buses.
  • Ensure timetables, network guides and other relevant literature are of good quality, easy to use and understand, current and available in a variety of locations throughout the City.
  • Improve and expand public transport websites to make them easy to use by all and to ensure that timetables, maps, fare and journey time information are easily accessible to all computer users at the click of a button.
  • Continue to promote journey planning facilities, such as the Traveline Scotland and Real Time Bus websites, and to raise awareness of the various other forms of media, such as the telephone and text message, via which bus information can be obtained.
  • Raise awareness of interchange opportunities, both between bus services and between different modes of transport
  • Look to limit the number of service changes and, when these and other changes to bus operations do occur, to ensure that the public is given adequate warning before such changes are introduced.

The Council believes that the actions articulated within this Strategy will not only significantly benefit current bus users, by making it easier for them to plan and execute a journey by public transport, but may also help to encourage non- or infrequent bus users to choose to travel by public transport more often. This can have a number of benefits for the City, both economic, in terms of reduced congestion on our roads and a more efficient movement of people and goods throughout the City, and environmental, namely a reduction in carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions and improved air quality, which is of particular concern to the City Centre. Improvements in information provision can also contribute to enhancing social inclusion, by increasing awareness of the options available to the public for travel, thereby opening up opportunities to access jobs and services. This Strategy, therefore, will help the Council achieve a number of the aims and objectives of the Aberdeen Local Transport Strategy 2008-2012.

We are happy to say that this document has been developed in partnership with local bus operators and in close consultation with members of the public, as well as with Nestrans and Aberdeenshire Council via the Local Authority and Bus Operator Forum (LABOF). We will continue to investigate opportunities for partnership working to ensure that the best and most cost-effective solutions to the current problems or deficiencies with information provision can be achieved, thereby allowing current and future users of the Aberdeen bus network to fully realise the benefits of the Strategy.

The Strategy will be subject to regular monitoring and a thorough review after five years to assess the impact of the work completed to date and to set new goals and aspirations for the future.

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