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Park and Ride

Aberdeen City Park & Ride/Park & Choose Sites

Aberdeen City Council provides two sites on the outskirts of Aberdeen with a view to encouraging sustainable travel into Aberdeen City. The sites are situated on major routes into the City and offer facilities to assist commuters or visitors travelling into Aberdeen completing their journey by sustainable means. This may be using the bus service provided in partnership with First Aberdeen, walking, cycling or car-sharing. The goal of these sites is to offer the travelling public a choice with a view to reducing traffic levels, congestion and CO2 emissions.

Because of this range of travel options, you may hear these sites being referred to as "Park & Choose" sites as well, helping highlight that there are a range of travel options available in addition to the regular bus service. This branding will gradually replace the current "Park & Ride" branding in the future.


Kingswells Park & Ride can be accessed by turning left into the site when travelling towards Aberdeen from Westhill on the A944 approximately 100 yards before the Kingswells Roundabout. The entrance to the site is shared between the Park & Ride site and the new Prime 4 Business Park.  There is also an access available from the Kingswells Bypass, around 100 yards North of the Roundabout.

Bridge of Don Park & Ride is accessed by turning off Ellon Road (A90) onto Parkway East, then right onto Exhibition Avenue which takes you right to the site.

Bus Shelter

Site Facilities

Waiting Rooms

  • Both Kingswells and Bridge of Don sites have indoor waiting areas which are open from approximately 07:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.
  • The indoor waiting rooms are lit throughout, are heated and have ample seating to make the wait for your bus more comfortable. Accessible toilets are available at both sites when the waiting rooms are open. There is no charge for the use of these facilities.

Cycle Lockers

  • Cycle lockers are available for rental at both sites. To obtain further information please contact our Transport Strategy Team on 01224 522 756 or email

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

  • A two vehicle charging point is available at Kingswells near to the waiting room.  This is a Standard Rate (32A 7kW) charging point which if your vehicle can make full use of the supply will be able to fully charge the battery in around six hours. Please consult your vehicle documentation for further details on expected charging times.
    Further details on the network of electric vehicle charging points in Aberdeen can be found on the following page: Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

Bus Service

  • The Park & Choose sites are served by First Aberdeen's Service 40, this operates between Dubford and Kingswells. The service runs via Bridge of Don Park & Ride, Aberdeen City Centre (running the full length of Union Street), Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and onwards to Kingswells Park & Ride Site. The service operates from Kingswells to Dubford along the same route in reverse.
  • The service operates Monday - Saturday, with a bus every 15 minutes during the peak hours from Bridge of Don (20 minutes off-peak) and a bus every 30 minutes during the peak period at Kingswells (hourly off-peak).
  • The service operates between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00 approximately Monday to Saturday.
  • Outwith these times, other bus services are available which pass near to the sites along the A90 Ellon Road for the Bridge of Don site, and along the A944 Skene Road for the Kingswells Sites, so it is still possible to make use of the sites later into the evenings or on Sundays.
  • Tickets for travel on these bus services should be bought from the driver on the bus (there is no charge for the use of the car park).  Please note that there are no change facilities on site and drivers on First Aberdeen services are unable to give change.  For fare information please refer to  First Aberdeen so that you can ensure that you have exact change on hand.

Out Of Hours Access

  • The Waiting Facilities at these sites are open Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00 approximately. However the car parks, electric vehicle charging points (Kingswells only) and Cycle Lockers are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Please note that the main car park lighting is shut down at both sites between approximately 23:00 and 05:00 every night to save power, courtesy lighting is maintained through this period around the waiting room though.

Special Event Services

  • During special events within the City, the Council may provide special Park and Ride services taking people directly to the event.  Please check with your event organiser for details.

For Further Information…

  • For further information on the bus services to these sites please contact First Aberdeen on 01224 650 065 or visit First Aberdeen.
  • For real-time information on bus services to these sites, please visit Real Time Travel.
  • For journey planning information, please visit Traveline Scotland.
  • For more information on the waiting facilities or to report a fault, please telephone 01224 523073
  • For more information on the Cycle Lockers or Electric Vehicle Charging Points please contact our Transport Strategy Team on 01224 522 756 or email
  • For further information about sustainable travel options in Aberdeen such as cycling or car-sharing, please visit GetAbout.

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