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Priorities for Vehicle Removals

Persistent Evaders

  • Vehicles with a predetermined number of outstanding Penalty Charge Notices.

Dangerous Position

  • Parked in a position likely to cause danger to other road users including pedestrians.

Serious Obstruction

  • Preventing access for emergency vehicles;
  • Causing a serious obstruction to traffic or pedestrian flow (this includes parking alongside a dropped kerb for disabled access, and parking on footways in contravention of a traffic order and in a manner which causes serious obstruction to wheelchair users and pedestrians);
  • Parking on an operating bus or cycle lane;
  • Parked at or near a junction;
  • Preventing access to or from private property.

Serious Parking Contraventions

  • Unauthorised vehicle in a disabled person's or doctor's parking place;
  • On an urban clearway during peak periods;
  • On an urban clearway where stopping is prohibited;
  • On a bus stop marked subject to a restriction;
  • On a cab rank marked subject to a restriction;
  • In a restricted street subject to and during hours of a loading ban;
  • In a suspended meter bay or parking place;
  • In a restricted street when no loading or unloading is apparently taking place;
  • Unauthorised vehicle in an off-street loading area;
  • Unauthorised vehicle in a residents' parking place;
  • In a parking place when:
    - The vehicle is elsewhere than in a parking bay (eg loading gap);
    - The vehicle is incorrectly parked (eg straddling two parking bays)

This list is not exhaustive and in each occasion that the removal processes are to be utilised, such action must be appropriate, justified and proportionate taking into account all of the relevant circumstances and information available.

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