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Residence Parking Permit Guidance Notes

1. About This Guide

Please read the following guidance notes carefully as they contain essential information for all applicants. If you require any further assistance please telephone 03000 200 292.

2. How to Make Your Application

First time applicants should complete the Residential Parking Permit Application Form and Provide the necessary supporting documents (see sections 8 and 9 of the guide). 

Those applicants wishing to renew and existing permit can either apply using the Residential Parking Permit Application Form or apply online using the  Parking Permit Renewal service.

Applications can be made by post or in person at the Marischal College, Customer Service Centre on the ground floor. 

We will return your form to you if you have not filled it in properly or enclosed the relevant documents and appropriate payment to support your application. This will delay us issuing your permit.

You are responsible for applying for a new permit before your old permit expires. You can renew your permit 20 days before it expires. There is a 10 day grace period after the expiry of your old permit.

3. Who Qualifies for a Permit?

You are entitled to a residential parking permit if your usual place of residence is within a controlled parking zone (if the property is not your normal residence you do not qualify for a permit irrespective of your interest in the property).

The vehicle must be a passenger or lights goods vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tonnes and designed for 8 passengers or less (driver excluded)

Permits are not required for motorcycles which may be parked free of charge in any parking bay.

Permits must be displayed on the vehicle windscreen and are only valid for use within the designated residents only, on street pay and display, ticket zone and voucher parking bays. You are not guaranteed a parking space in your zone. The number of permits that an address is entitled to depends on the zone in which it is located. Please see the payment chart in section 10 of this guide for details of the charges.

  • Zones A to G: Households are entitled to a maximum of 1 fixed permit.
  • All Other Zones: Households are entitled to a maximum of 2 permits.

If a permit application is received and the maximum entitlement for that address has been met then the application will be rejected. It is the responsibility of householders to decide who will be the permit holders.

4. Who Does Not Qualify for a Permit?

You will not qualify for a resident parking permit if:

  • you own a property in Aberdeen City but live elsewhere;
  • you work in Aberdeen City but live elsewhere;
  • you live in student halls of residence;
  • for use on a caravan or trailer

Applications from second homes will not be accepted, the permit address must be your usual place of residence.

5. Application by Post

You can post your form to the address provided in section 6 of this guide. Please remember to enclose the completed and signed form with all of the relevant documents; together with your cheque payment (see section 11).

We will return your permit and documents to you by post. If you include your email address on the application form then an email will be issued to confirm the permit has been dispatched or if any further information is required from you.

Please allow at least 10 working days for a permit to be issued if applying by post. In the meantime, you may not park your vehicle in the controlled zone unless:

  • a valid residential permit is displayed OR
  • payment is made to a pay and display machine

6. Application in Person

You or your representative can bring your completed and signed application form and documents to the Marischal College Customer Service Centre to obtain your permit. The application form must be signed by the applicant or their spouse/partner and not a representative. Payments will only be accepted in cash or by card. Cheque payments are not accepted.

The Customer Service Centre address is Customer Service Centre, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB. The opening hours are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You may wish to avoid the lunch time period as it is the busiest time.

The local Customer Access Points do not deal with parking permit applications.

 7. Fixed or Flexible Permit?

There are 2 types of permit available:

  • Fixed permits are only valid for one specific vehicle and cannot be transferred to any other vehicle. The vehicle registration number must be declared on the application form. The keeper of the vehicle must be resident in the household.
  • Flexible permits can be used on any vehicle, e.g. a visitor’s vehicle. Flexible permits are not available to residents in Zones A to G.

8. Proof of Residency

You are required to provide proof of residency to obtain your resident parking permit as follows:

  • A current utility bill, bank / credit card statement, mortgage agreement or Council Tax demand (all must be dated within the last 3 months) OR
  • A current tenancy agreement (it must be issued by a Housing Association or leasing agent on headed paper and be dated within the last 3 months).

9. Proof of Vehicle Ownership

If applying for a new fixed permit, you are required to show proof of ownership of the vehicle as detailed below. The documents must show your full name. Please note clear photocopies are acceptable.

  • If you are the owner, please provide all pages of the DVLA Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C). Only a 3 month permit will be issued if you are unable to supply the V5C documentation but have the bill of sale or insurance documentation confirming the make, model and vehicle registration. If after the 3 months you are still unable to produce the V5C as form of proof for your following application, it will be rejected.
  • If the vehicle is owned by another person but you are the keeper of the vehicle, in addition to all pages of the DVLA V5C, please also provide your insurance certificate and policy schedule showing your name, address and vehicle registration.
  • If you are hiring the vehicle, please provide your contract hire/lease agreement showing your name and the vehicle registration number.
  • If a company vehicle, please provide a letter from your employer on the company's official letter headed stationary (dated within the last month) confirming that the vehicle is owned / leased by the company and that you are the sole keeper and user. The letter should be signed by the company secretary or someone with similar authority. It should not be signed by you.

Please note that flexible permit applicants and applicants wishing to renew an existing fixed permit for the same vehicle do not need to supply proof of vehicle ownership.


10. Charges

Permits can be issued with a 12 months, 6 months or 3 months expiration. The prices as of 1st April 2014 are as follows: 

Zones A to G
 12 months  6 months  3 months
 Fixed Permit  70.00  37.00  21.00

All Other Zones
   12 months  6 months  3 months
1st Permit  70.00 47.00   21.00
2nd Permit  120.00  63.00  36.00


11. How to Pay

Payment by post should be made by cheque. Please write your name and address on the back and make it payable to 'Aberdeen City Council'.

Applications in person at the Customer Service Centre can be paid by debit/credit card or cash. Please note that debit/credit card is the preferred payment method and cheques are not accepted.

12. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Permits

If you need a replacement permit then please complete the . Proof of residency must be provided (see section 8 of this guide). Replacement permits are valid for the remaining period of your original permit.

A 10 administration fee is payable for all replacement fixed permits. The charge for a replacement flexible permit depends on the circumstances. If a flexible permit has been stolen or damaged and evidence is provided, e.g. a crime reference or relevant insurance documentation, you will be charged a 10 fee. Lost flexible permits will be replaced once at half the cost of the original permit. Further replacements within a 12 month period will be charged at full cost of the original.

13. Change of Vehicle or Number Plate

If you permanently change your vehicle or number plate and have a fixed permit then please complete the
Residential Parking Permit Change of Vehicle Registration form you must return your original permit, provide proof of residency and proof of ownership for your new vehicle (see sections 8 and 9 of this guide). You will be charged a 10 administration fee for a replacement which will be valid for the remaining period of your original permit.

14. Change of Address

If you change your address then please complete the Residential Parking Permit Change of Address form.

If you are moving within the same parking zone then you can continue to use your existing permit but you must inform us of your change of address.

If you change your address and are moving to a different parking zone within Aberdeen City then you must return your existing permit(s) for a replacement permit to be issued. A 10 administration fee is payable unless returned within the renewal period.

If your business is moving to an area outside the parking Zones then please return your existing permit as soon as possible to the address in section 6 of this guide. Please note we will not refund any unused time for permits which are surrendered while still valid.

15. Misuse and Abuse of the Scheme

Permits will be withdrawn if conditions of use are contravened. This includes:

  • selling your permit; 
  • providing false information to obtain a permit; 
  • allowing non residents to use your address to obtain a permit;   


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(Residential Parking Permit Guidance Notes Updated 01.08.13 )