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Dancing Information - Aberdeen Highland Games

Highland Dancing Competition AberdeenHG2010dancers

The Aberdeen Highland Games will have a Highland Dancing competition. The event is open to all dancers who have the relevant dancing grade. There is no charge to compete, you just have to pay your entry into the event.

All the information is listed below regarding the rules, dances and prize conditions. Downloadable forms will be available within the different sections these will be in Adobe pdf files.

New start time 12 noon.

Please be aware that the start time for the dancing programme has been brought forward to start at 12 noon. Registration will begin at 11.00am at the dance registration table.


This will be taken on the day of the event. Forms are available to be downloaded please complete and bring with you on the day. Dancers are required to pay the entry fee into the event. There is no competition entry fee. Entries close half an hour before the event is due to take place. Dancing Entry Form 2012


The dancing boards will be placed near to each other and will have different age groups dancing the same dance (where this is applicable). There will be one piper standing between the two dance platforms. The judges will be sat facing each board, two judges to each board.


  • Competitors must pay entry fee of the Games.
  • Entries close half an hour before the event is due to take place.
  • In all Competitions there must be more competitors than prizes, otherwise part of the prizes will be withdrawn.
  • All competitors are requested to wear full Highland Dress while competing in the Highland Dances. The wearing of a Balmoral (men) will be optional. No medals to be worn. For Sailors Hornpipe and Irish Jig the appropriate costume must be worn (including jig shoes).
  • All competitors when not competing must retire to a place appointed for them and, if refusing to do so when requested, will forfeit the right to further competition.
  • In all questions of dispute, the decision of the Judge will be final. 
  • The Organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage, which the competitors or watching public might sustain. It is the responsibility of the competitor to take out the appropriate insurance.
  • Times may change from the published programme, please check with the Dance Co ordinator at the time of registration.


  • Upon the decision of each dancing competition, the successful competitors will be shown a flag; RED 1st prize, WHITE 2nd prize, BLUE 3rd prize, Yellow 4th prize. They will be given a prize card to be redeemed from the Games Office.
  • A Shield - to be retained by the winner will be awarded in each of the four dancing sections for the most points awarded overall.
  • A special challenge cup- to be retained for one year- will be awarded to the competitor with the most points in events 27,28,29 and 30 (14 to 16 years inclusive).
  • A special cup- to be retained for one year - will be awarded to the Adult Dancer with the most points.
  • In the event of a tie, a dance-off (dance selected by judges) will take place.

 Event Dance Categories

  • 10 years and under: Highland Fling, Shean Truibhais, Sailors Hornpipe, Reel of Tulloch.
  • 11-13 years: Highland Fling, Shean Truibhais, Sword Dance, Irish Jig
  • 14-16 years: Shean Truibhais, Highland Reel, Highland Fling, Sailors Hornpipe
  • 17 years and Over (Ladies & Gents): Strathspey and Reel, Sword Dance, Shean Truibhais, Irish Jig

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