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Aberdeen City Council - Sports Grants

Aberdeen City Council Sports grants programme is a funding programme which is available to any voluntary or not-for-profit organisation or club who deliver sport or physical activity within the city.

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The grant programme supports Aberdeen City's sport and physical activity strategy for 2014-2015 "Fit for the Future".

This strategy aims to help;

-Promote and increase opportunities for participation in sport and physical activity for everyone in Aberdeen

-Provide a comprehensive and high quality range of sports facilities in Aberdeen

-Maximise social, educational, health and economic benefits of sport and physical activity in the city

-Develop and sustain pathways which nurture local, regional and national sporting people to reach their full potential

-Raise the profile of sport in Aberdeen

If you are a club or organisation interested in developing in line with these objectives please read about the different grants which are on offer within the sports grant programme.

The Grants on offer are;

 • Coach and Volunteer Workforce Development Grant

This fund aims to support coaches and volunteers in obtaining a higher level of coaching award in their chosen sport. Aberdeen City Council wish to support local coaches and volunteers, who are committed, motivated and determined to succeed in delivering the highest standards of quality sport and physical activities. 

For more information please see the below Guidance Notes and Application Form;

   Coach and Volunteer Workforce Development Grant Guidance Note 2015-16
  Coach and Volunteer Grant Application Form

•Club Development Grant

The aim of this grant is to increase the availability of sporting opportunities in the city by assisting existing sports clubs to develop their sports programmes, and to encourage the creation of new sports sections.  This fund will enable the local authority to support local community sports clubs to provide opportunities for the local people to engage with.  

For more information please see the below Guidance Notes and Application Form;

•Talented Athletes Grant

The aim of this grant is to recognise and support individual talented athletes in Aberdeen City. This funding will assist with associated costs for competing at performance development and performance level, and will provide opportunities for athletes to gain experience and further develop their skills. This support will help the local authority  to work in partnership with National Governing Bodies and Sport Scotland's institute of sport to identify and encourage local talented athletes to reach their full potential by providing funding to assist with the costs associated with competing at a high level.

For more information please see the below Guidance Notes and Application Form;

•Significant Sporting Events grant

This grant aims to raise the profile of sport within Aberdeen City and works in conjunction with Aberdeen City Council's Event Assistance and Event Development team. The funding supports events ranging from regional, national to international level and is fully endorsed by the relevant National Governing body. The local authority will work in close partnership with the Governing Bodies to support organisations and deliver high quality events in the city.

For more information please see the below Guidance Notes and Application Form;



Aberdeen City Council would like provide support to all applicants before and after applications have been considered. This includes individual support sessions, resulting in detailed feedback on how to improve the quality of the application.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch:


For information on other sources of funding available to sports clubs and individuals, please click the link below to access sportScotland's Sources of Funding Guide.

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