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Supported Lodgings Scheme

Supported Lodgings logo Are you aged 16 – 21yrs, have been in local authority care on your 16th birthday (& school leaving date) and are now ready to move on but are not sure what your options might be?


Are you a member of the public who has a spare room in their home and would like to offer accommodation and support to a young person who is coming out of local authority care?

Many young people leaving care find it difficult to move on to full independence straight away.  Some like a bit of time out of the care system to get into routines with money/college/work and general independent living skills before they go on to have their own flats.  Others have spoken of enjoying the extra time to develop their own ideas without the immediate influence of lots of other young people living around them.  It was for these reasons, and to provide an alternative to other accommodation options, that the 'Supported Lodgings Scheme' was set up.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the scheme:

Q. What is Supported Lodgings?
Accommodation with built in support offered by individuals or families with a spare room. Some young people become part of the family, others like a bit more independence.

Q. What age are the young people who live in Supported Lodgings placements?
Anywhere between 16 – 21yrs.

Q. How long can a placement be for?
A. It varies from person to person and can be a short stay of only a few weeks up to a maximum of 2 years.

Q. Who offers Supported Lodgings?
Ordinary individuals or families from the community.
 On application to become a carer they are assessed, police checked and then undergo training to ensure they are going to be able to offer the right level of support to a young person who may come to live in their home.

Picture of a boy holding some clothes Q. Who supports the young person?
A. Either a childcare social worker who is already involved, a throughcare social worker, or occasionally both for a short time whilst the case is being transferred.

Q. Who supports the carer?
A. The Supported Lodgings coordinator.

Q. What support do the carers offer?
They provide you with your own bedroom, and access to the communal areas of their house such as the kitchen, living room and bathroom.
In addition to this you will be offered 2 meals per day with provision being made available to prepare a 3rd meal such as a packed lunch.
Carers can also offer varying degrees of practical and emotional support depending on each young person’s individual needs.

Q. What about finances?
A. (The Young Person): The young person will usually pay 20 to the carer from their weekly allowance to contribute towards board and lodgings.  (This allowance may be from wages if they are working, Pathways Allowance or DWP benefit if they are eligible).
There are slight variations to this amount depending on how much income the young person has, but these will be explained in more detail by the young person’s worker and the scheme coordinator.
(The Carer): The carer receives the 20 per week from the young person (may be slightly more than this dependant on the young person’s circumstances). They will also receive a weekly payment (presently set at 180) from the council for the extra support they are providing.

House Agreement

Picture of a mother and daughter When moving into a supported lodgings placement there will be a meeting between the young person, their throughcare or childcare worker, the carer and the scheme coordinator. This meeting will consider the conditions of the placement and the proposed length of stay in it.  Discussions will also consider things like,

  • When the young person will be given their own key to the house.
  • Expectations for use of time during the day, e.g. Training/college/work.
  • What the young person’s responsibilities as a member of the household will be?
  • What will happen if the conditions of the House Agreement are broken?

By the end of a successful supported lodgings placement it is hoped that the young person will be ready to move on to their own tenancy or other accommodation of their choice.

Q. What happens if after the young person has moved into the placement there are any hiccups or changes in circumstance for the young person or carer?
The placement and how it is going will be reviewed on a regular basis. Initially, this will be after the first 6 weeks and then every 6 months unless anyone wishes to call a review sooner.

If you are interested in finding out more about Supported Lodgings or if you'd like to consider becoming a carer for the scheme, please see the contact section below.


Kate Young
Supported Lodgings Co-ordinator
Adoption and Fostering Services
Social Care and Wellbeing
Marischal College
Business Hub 2
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Tel. 01224 264242