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How Do I Access Telecare Services?

Provision via your local Social Care Services

Telecare services may be provided following an assessment of need and/or as part of a community care assessment.  If you are caring for someone you can also request for your and/or their needs to be assessed.  If you already have a health or social care worker (occupational therapist, physiotherapist, district nurse, social worker, care manager or care co-ordinator) you can ask them to assess your need for telecare services.  If you do not have any of the above named workers a referral can be made by yourself/carer/relative or GP to the Community Therapy Duty Point on 01224 558333.  The Duty worker will take your details and decide on the most appropriate person to assess your needs. 

Many telecare packages are linked to the community alarm system and these packages usually consist of a control or base unit and other sensors.  The control box can be either:

  • Connected to your phone line; where the control box receives signals from a personal alarm button or other sensors in the house, which in turn sends an alarm call to either a control centre or direct to a carer's mobile telephone.
  • Stand alone control box; this allows the partner or carer within the same house to monitor alerts without control centre involvement.  The control box receives signals from sensors (e.g. bed, epilepsy, property exit sensors) which can set off a vibrating pager (for day) and a vibrating pillow pad (for night).  Both the pager and pillow pad will alert the partner or carer within the house.

These Telecare services will be charged at the same rate as a standard community alarm package.  This fee covers the community alarm service equipment and maintenance.

The telecare assessment you receive will help to identify the most suitable telecare equipment or system to suit your individual circumstances.

Provision via the NHS

Telecare services are sometimes provided by the NHS following an assessment and as part of continuing health care or intermediate care services.  For example, the provision may be designed to prevent your admission to hospital or support your discharge from hospital.

Provision in Extra Care housing

If you live in, or move to extra care housing including supported, sheltered or group homes there may be telecare devices and services already in place. If not, you may be able to access community alarm and telecare services through your housing provider. Provision will vary across housing providers; contact the organisation providing your housing for further information and advice.


A range of "less complex" telecare equipment (e.g. night lights with motion sensors, remote control for lamp and TV, memo minder, medication dispensers) can be bought independently from popular nationwide stores or specialist suppliers (if you have a disability and purchase equipment to assist with your disability you may be eligible for VAT exemption).  However, we recommend that you seek the advice of a health of social care professional if you are thinking of using assistive technology.

Please see the link below for details of telecare providers in the Aberdeen area. 

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