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What is a Buddi?

Buddi provides the reassurance and peace of mind that help is not far away if you need it. At any time of day or night you will be able to locate someone wearing a Buddi online, by phone or by text. Buddi uses satellite technology to accurately calculate its location and then transmits that location to our computers. In order for Buddi to work at its optimum, it also requires good mobile phone coverage.

The Buddi contains GPS technology to enable its location to be instantly and accurately identified. It is the size of a matchbox making it discreet and easy to carry. It can be worn on a lanyard, fastened onto a belt loop or attached to a key ring. It is weatherproof and has a battery life of two days. Charging time is around four hours and it is recommended that the Buddi is charged every day.

How the Buddi Works

Buddi is a personal locating device that uses GPS technology to accurately calculate its location (like an in-car Sat Nav), and the mobile phone network to communicate that location to secure computers. Every user is provided with unique details to log onto the Buddi website to access their Buddi account and to carry out location requests.

Carers and the family of Buddi users can check where the Buddi is at any time of day or night by logging onto the Buddi website, or by calling or texting the 24/7 Buddi monitoring centre. Location is provided by street reference, postcode and latitude and longitude. If searching online, the position is displayed using Google maps.

The fencing facility allows an imaginary boundary to be set around a specific area. If the wearer leaves this area, it alerts the Buddi monitoring centre and the emergency contact is notified. Emergency contacts are set up in the Member’s area of the website. These can be amended and updated at any time.

The Buddi also has various alerts that can be activated if required:

  •  Fall Alert – Sensors detect if the Buddi wearer falls and fails to get up again in a specified time. An automatic alert is sent to the Buddi monitoring centre and they will then contact the user’s emergency contacts.
  • Passive Alert – This alerts the Buddi user when someone is looking up their location. The Buddi will vibrate twice for each look up.
  • Speed/Motion Alert – An alert can be raised if a specified speed is exceeded e.g. unexpected travel by car, bus or train). An alert can also be triggered if the Buddi has not moved for a specified period of time.

Supply of a Buddi

Bon Accord Care will only supply a Buddi if the user has three emergency contacts willing to attend to calls from the Buddi monitoring centre.

A full assessment must be carried out and the professional involved must undertake to review the use of the Buddi after 2 and 8 weeks.

The family member(s)/nominated responsible person must be willing to accept responsibility for updating any change of information/emergency contacts on the Buddi account.

The family member(s)/nominated responsible person must be willing to accept responsibility for charging the Buddi.

If the Buddi is no longer required or you do not wish to use it please return to the address below.

If the Buddi is lost, the Telecare Service should be notified immediately, as the Buddi can possibly be located if it still has some charge left in it.

If at any time you require further advice or assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Telecare service.

Physical and Operational Issues

A number of physical and operational issues have been identified with the Buddi. These include:

  • The wearer must be willing to carry the Buddi.
  •  A family member(s)/nominated responsible person must be identified for charging the Buddi.
  • The battery will typically last for up to 2 days and should be charged for at least 4 hours. It is recommended that the Buddi is charged every day.
  • Three emergency contacts are normally required.
  • It is desirable to have mobile numbers and residential numbers for each emergency contact.
  • A decision has to be made as to which emergency contact will be the responsible nominated person who will have access rights to the information in the online Buddi account. The requisitioner must discuss this with the user and/or family member(s)/nominated responsible person.
  • Internet access is desirable but if no contact has this, all features can be set up by the Buddi customer care team. The wearer doesn’t need access to the internet, but it may be useful if another family member(s)/nominated responsible person does. However, Buddi location requests can also be obtained by telephone or text message.

All these points must be considered as part of the professional assessment.


A Buddi Request form must be completed and sent to:

  • Telecare Team
    Community Equipment Services
    Units 3/4 Whitemyres Avenue
    AB16 6HQ
    Tel: 01224 788616

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