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Living with dementia

Worried about your memory?

Many people worry about their memory.  Sometimes people are afraid that forgetfulness is the start of something else, like dementia.  Your memory may be nothing to worry about but this booklet is designed to help you decide if you should visit your doctor.

Download the booklet Worried About Your Memory booklet (PDF).

Facing dementia – How to live well with your diagnosis

If your doctor has told you that you have dementia, then this booklet, which was written with the help of people with a diagnosis of dementia, will help you understand more about your illness, how to cope with your symptoms and plan for your future.

Download the booklet Facing Dementia - How to live well with your diagnosis booklet (PDF).

Dementia Helpline - 0808 808 3000

Alzheimer Scotland run a freephone Dementia Helpline, 24 hours a day. If you, or your family need to talk to someone about living with dementia, call them on 0808 808 3000. For more details, go to Dementia Helpline on Alzheimer Scotland's website.

Dementia Advisors

Alzheimer Scotland's Dementia Advisors support people with dementia and their carers. They also run services in local communities. For contact details of your local Dementia Advisor in Aberdeen City, go to Aberdeen City Advisor for Alzheimer Scotland.  They can:

  • provide information and advice
  • help you find the dementia support you need
  • connect you to local groups and services
  • help your local community to be more dementia-friendly
  • help you influence the policies and services that affect you

Seize the Day

The Seize the Day project offers support for people recently diagnosed or in the early stages of dementia and their families and friends.

Positive Dementia Group

The Positive Dementia Group meets once a month in Aberdeen. If you are interested in joining or knowing more about their activities, go to the Positive Dementia Group webpage.

Grampian CareData - Dementia Services

Grampian CareData has details of local services and activities for people with dementia that are organised in your area by voluntary organisations, Aberdeenshire council, Aberdeen City council and NHS Grampian. For more information, go to Dementia services on Grampian CareData's website

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