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Youth Team

Youth Team Criteria

The eligibility criterion enables the social work service to decide which children and young people should receive services. It is important that such decisions are fair and transparent ensuring that everyone requesting a service is dealt with according to need and individuals with greatest need are prioritised.

Services are likely to be provided where the assessment concludes that the young person's needs are at Level 3 to 5 of the eligibility criteria (refer to Aberdeen City Council's current Children's Services Eligibility Criteria). Young people assessed as not meeting the criteria (i.e. levels 1-2) will not receive a service and will be signposted to information, advice and sources of help.

The assessment of need will be consistent with the local authority's duties underpinned by the above legislation.

Young people who will receive a service from the Youth Team will be those:

  • who have a pathways plan
  • leaving care on or after their 16th birthday
  • receiving continued care
  • eligible for after care up to their 26th birthday
  • aged 16 and 17 years of age (not know to Children's Services) and who are:
    • referred by the court for court reports
    • referred by the PF for diversion
    • subject to a court CPO – supervision requirement and unpaid work
    • subject to court structured deferred sentences and deferred sentences requiring social work intervention
    • subject to supervised bail
    • subject to detention

Service Provision

The Youth Team will provide holistic support to the young people they work with including:

  • undertaking 1:1 work as assessed
  • supporting them to integrate in their communities and take advantage of opportunities available to them
  • supporting them to apply for benefits, open bank account, access employment, training and work placements
  • Supporting them to access suitable accommodation, spend the moving on grant, apply for housing benefit, maintain a tenancy


Young people requiring continuing care or after care will also be given support including:

  • receiving the care they are assessed as requiring
  • completing of a pathways plan


Young people in the court system will also be given support including:

  • guiding them through the judiciary process
  • preparing court reports
  • supervising community payback orders and other statutory orders
  • liaising with the unpaid work team to ensure that hours are being completed


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