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Residential Homes for Children

Our Residential childcare resources in Aberdeen City

We have a range of local children's homes across the city:

  • Children are cared for in small settings of between 2 to 6 place homes
  • Young people are staying in care for longer periods of time
  • Residential care can support young people where they experience family crisis and when they are unable to remain with families of origin
  • Our homes are designed to support young people who require Throughcaresupport and those who are assessed to remain in Continuing Care
  • Our residential childcare workforce is highly skilled, well qualified and supported by a continuous learning framework
  • Care inspection inspections indicate that the quality of care provision is good and very good
  • The service has recently undertaken a review and identified actions for change which will improve the quality of what is provided and young people's experiences of this

Our vision for residential childcare

Our vision for residential child care is that children and young people feel safe, healthy, are achieving, nurtured, active, respected and included. Our mission is that every young person looked after and accommodated achieves their full potential. Within the last 6 months our residential child care services have been strategically reviewed to ensure that we have a residential model which is fit for purpose for the future, providing:

  • high quality provision and improved outcomes for children and young people who are looked after away from home
  • a commitment to continuous improvement and best value
  • residential placements in Aberdeen which meet the assessed needs of children and young people who are looked after away from home


Our aim is that with the development of our ethos of care in parallel with Reclaiming Social Work we will:

  • have fewer young people who are looked after in out of authority placements
  • enable young people to access local provision which can support their recovery and reunification, where appropriate
  • work with national groups to ensure that practice remains contemporary and seek guidance and consultation on improving practice in residential child care based on evidential approaches; and
  • create good systems which support the identification of evidence that our practice is making a positive difference.


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