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About the Children's Rights Service

Who are the Children's Rights Officers?

We are independent from your Social Worker, Foster Carer, Key Worker, Residential Worker, LAAC Review Senior and all the other adults/professionals responsible for your care.

Who do we help?

YOU!  All children and young people currently looked after away from home by Aberdeen City Council. This could mean you live in a Children's Home, Foster Home, Residential School, Secure Accommodation or a semi-independent living project. Also:

  • Children and Young People who have a disability.
  • All young people who have been looked after in the past by Aberdeen City Council.
  • Adults who have the care and responsibility of looked after children/young people.
  • Professionals seeking guidance and advice relating to looked after children and young people.

How do we help?

The role of the Children's Rights Service is to protect and promote the rights of children and young people looked after or placed away from home by Aberdeen City Council and to assist with the promotion of high standards of Child Care Policy and practice across the service.  If you are unhappy with anything relating to being looked after we can HELP you:

  • To make sure you are being treated fairly at all times
  • To listen to and take seriously what you say.
  • We maintain regular contact with young people who are looked after or placed away from home, to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities, to assist and support them to exercise their rights and to raise any concerns they may have.
  • We listen to and support children and young people when they want to talk to somebody "independent about their situation".
  • We assist and support children and young people to make effective use of the complaints procedure or look at other more satisfactory ways to deal with their complaint.
  • We can provide information and advise about children's rights and related issues to children and young people, staff and other relevant individuals.
  • We are able to attend Children's Hearings, LAAC reviews or any meeting with you or in your place and tell the adults who care about you what you want to say or help you prepare a report.
  • We can put forward any ideas you think may benefit looked after young people and what needs to change within the Social Work service.

You have the right to challenge decisions made and question the way in which services are provided and we can help you with this.

We are here to help you put in your ideas about what services shall be offered to you and how this shall be delivered.

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