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Child Protection Process - Leaflets for Parents / Carers and Children

The following leaflets can be used by practitioners to explain the child protection process to parents/ carers and children

Home Alone Leaflets

Being a parent is a demanding, 24 hour a day job.  Most parents have to spend some time away from their children, whether it's to go to work or out for the evening. It can be hard to find someone suitable to look after your child, and it can also be expensive. But children rely on adults to protect them and parents are responsible for making sure that their children are happy and well looked after in their absence.

There is no set age at which it is OK to leave children home alone. It depends on whether the child is mature enough to cope in an emergency and feels happy about being left. Children mature at different ages, and every child is an individual.

So how can parents tell if their child is mature enough? Is it safe to leave a young child alone? How do children feel about being alone? What are the dangers and risks?

This leaflet has been written to help parents make the right decisions about caring for their child when they're not at home.


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