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Child Sexual Exploitation and Disability

CSE Guides for Practitioners in Aberdeen City

The Child Sexual Exploitation group has produced a short guide for staff across all agencies and services.  The CSE Strategy and Extended Guide has also now been finalised.

Revised Definition of Child Sexual Exploitation for Scotland

The Scottish Government has now published online the revised definition of child sexual exploitation for Scotland. This is the definition used in our Strategy and Extended Guide to Child Sexual Exploitation.

The revised definition and accompanying information has been developed as part of the Update of the National Action Plan to Prevent and Tackle Child Sexual Exploitation. The purpose of the information is to aid practitioners and agencies in the early identification of, and effective multi-agency responses for those children who may be at risk of, or victims of child sexual exploitation.

The Definition and Practitioner Briefing Paper firmly set this type of abuse within the context of child sexual abuse, and provides further detail to aid awareness and understanding. Detail of the legislative context of CSE in Scotland is also set out in the briefing paper.

The definition, and associated papers have been developed with the National Child Sexual Exploitation Working Group and written by Dr Helen Beckett and Joanne Walker from the University of Bedfordshire.

Child Protection and Disability

The Child Protection and Disability Toolkit has recently been updated to include information on the sexual exploitation of young people with learning disabilities.

Scheme of Response for CSE

There is now an amended CSE Scheme of Response for use by all staff within Children's Social Work.  This document should replace the previously issued flowchart, as we are refining our processes in line with feedback we have received from staff.  Staff should follow the flowchart when there are concerns that a youngster, or group of youngsters might be at risk of sexual exploitation.

National CSE Awareness Campaign

The Scottish Government has produced TV adverts and other materials to support the National CSE Awareness Campaign. For more information on the national campaign, please visit  Some of the images for parents and young people are very powerful:-

CSE Image Young Person

 Further downloadable images can be found on the website.

Abby's Room

Abby's Room is a resource for you to borrow.  It uses a teenager's bedroom, a Facebook page and a 360 degree virtual tour to raise awareness about online safety for young people.

To book Abby's Room, contact or 01224 872572.  The resource can be collected and returned by borrowers to Kincorth Customer Access Point and Library, Provost Watt Drive, Kincorth, Aberdeen, AB12 5NA.

Unprotected, Overprotected

This UK-wide research study was commissioned by Comic Relief and addresses a significant gap in current understanding of the sexual exploitation of children and young people with learning disabilities.

Request form for a Care and Risk Management Meeting

This request form has been utilised successfully to ensure appropriate consideration is given to what planning fora is required when there are concerns regarding potential or actual risk to a child / children.

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