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Child Protection

Child Protection is everyone's responsibility.


If you are worried about the safety of a child in Aberdeen call:

  • 01224 306877 (Joint Child Protection Team)
  • 01224 693936 (Emergency Out of Hours)
  • 101 (Police Scotland)

Contact us even if you are unsure, then we can take steps to assess the risk to the child and, if needed, to protect them.


Child Protection Guidance

From 1 January 2015, the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2014 will be the child protection guidance utilised across all agencies and services in Aberdeen.

Reference should no longer be made to the NESCPC Guidelines 2012 and all child protection policies should be updated to reflect this.  The National Guidance is up to date in connection with child protection matters and provides useful advice on the impact of matters such as domestic abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, child sexual exploitation, on-line abuse and neglect.  Please note that, in practice, child protection procedures will not change.

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