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Alcohol and Drugs

A.D.A.M. (Another's Drinking Affects Me)

The A.D.A.M. website, which is for children and young people aged 11-16 years who may be affected or are concerned by another person's drinking (this could be a Mum, Dad, a grandparent, brother, sister or friend) was launched recently.

A.D.A.M. has been developed in consultation with young people who have experienced harm as a result of someone else's drinking and offers an opportunity to explore IF and HOW they are being affected. There are over 51,000 children and young people in Scotland living with a parent who has an alcohol problem. Many will suffer in silence and may find it difficult to talk about what is happening at home. A.D.A.M. offers suggestions on how to cope and provides sources of help and support.

Find out more at: Another's Drinking Affects Me (A.D.A.M.) Resource

You can also access posters and cards on this website.

Mentor - Drug Prevention for Parents Resource

Mentor is the leading international federation of not-for-profit organisations working around the world to empower young people and prevent drug abuse. This guide intends to offer parents and caregivers easily accessible information about drug prevention to help them raise empowered, healthy and drug free children.

New Psychoactive Substances - Multi Agency Briefing

This briefing has very usefully been produced by Aberdeen City Alcohol and Drug Partnership. It aims to pull together as much relevant and up to date information and links around NPS as possible into one reference document. It provides a 'one-stop' reference for information on NPS issues which will be updated as necessary.


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