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Freight in Aberdeen

Transport Graphic - rail The efficient movement of freight is key to economic growth in the North East of Scotland and measures are currently being progressed to increase the efficient movement of freight to and from the region by all modes of transport. Throughout the life of Local Transport Strategy (LTS), the Council will encourage the transfer of freight from road to more sustainable modes such as rail and sea.

Freight Routing in North East Scotland

A map has been produced to help HGV drivers identify the most appropriate freight routes in Aberdeen. Principal freight routes, height, width and weight restrictions, lorry parking locations and industrial estates have all been highlighted to guide drivers directly to their destinations.

If you would like to view the map please use the links below:

If you would like to print the map on 3 A4 sheets please use this link:


All these maps have been produced by Nestrans, the regional Transport Partnership for Aberdeen City and Shire with the support of the Interreg IVB StratMoS project.

Please contact Police Scotland for abnormal load routing and notification: 01592 418859

Rail Services

Through the North East Scotland Rail Freight Development Group, we will promote the benefits of rail freight to public and private sector organisations with the ultimate aim of substantially increasing the modal share of rail freight in the region. We recognise that the leadership of utilising rail freight to transport Council goods will be important in this regard.

While efforts will be concentrated on increasing the freight modal share of sustainable modes such as rail and sea, given that the majority of freight movements in the North East are made between locations in the North East, it is recognised that for many trips there is often no alternative to road travel. For this reason, and to ensure the fast and efficient movement of freight, efficient management and maintenance of Aberdeen's road network is important. The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route will assist with the movement of freight by providing a guaranteed fast-link for freight and goods from all over the North East to markets in the south. For freight that does travel into the City, the Council will work with Nestrans and other partners to improve the efficiency of freight movements.

The Council fully supports the development of Nestrans' Freight Action Plan in recognition of the cross-boundary nature of freight movements in Scotland and will seek to ensure that this Plan includes measures designed to take forward the Council's freight priority areas.

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is a new strategic road being developed to improve travel in and around Aberdeen and the NE of Scotland. Backed by the Scottish Government, the road is being developed by Transport Scotland in partnership with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils. The road, designed as an alternative route from north to south, bypassing the City, will be a dual, two-lane carriageway, with grade separated junctions. The route will deliver a number of significant benefits for the region, including reduced congestion, improved journey times, improved safety, enhanced accessibility with improved links to key locations and will support economic growth.

Transport Graphic - Airport Air Services

Aberdeen Airport handles millions of passengers per year and serving around dozens of different destinations. Aberdeen Airport is also the world's busiest heliport, handling thousands of helicopter movements every year, the majority serving the off-shore oil and gas industry. The airport therefore plays a vital role in the economic development of the region, and the Council supports a number of initiatives that are being delivered to facilitate continued growth and service improvement.

The Council supported the runway extension to Aberdeen Airport, recognising that this helped to facilitate the development of transatlantic and other long haul flights. Besides improving accessibility and reducing journey times to key locations within the oil sector, the runway extension allows environmental benefits by enabling airlines to use more fuel-efficient aircraft to operate nonstop direct flights from Aberdeen Airport without payload restrictions or costly and inconvenient en-route stops.

The Council will also continue to support Nestrans and BAA Aberdeen in working to maintain the existing frequency of services to international hubs; to establish new direct routes to European and international business destinations; and to improve the availability of leisure travel and encourage inward tourism. Improved surface access to the airport will also be important to supporting the development of Aberdeen Airport.

Ferry Services

Transport Graphic - Harbour Aberdeen Harbour is a major component in the local transport infrastructure and a key economic driver in the region. The port it is estimated contributed millions of pounds to the local economy and helps sustain thousands of jobs within the City and wider region. The Council is committed to the ongoing development of Aberdeen Harbour and supports various policies and initiatives that can deliver improvements. The Council supports Aberdeen Harbour in its efforts to promote short sea shipping as both a viable alternative and complementary to transporting freight by road and rail.

The Council also recognises the valuable role provided by the Northern Isles ferry service from Aberdeen to the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Aberdeen enjoys important historical, social, cultural and economic links to the Northern Isles and therefore supports the continuation of this service using Aberdeen as its main port of call in Mainland Scotland. The significant growth in passenger numbers on this service in recent years has inevitably had knock-on benefits for the City in terms of the development of tourism and City Centre trade. The Council will also support Nestrans in encouraging the development of new freight and passenger ferry connections from Aberdeen Harbour to Europe.