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Local Agenda 21

An international commitment was made at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 to develop an Agenda 21 in the UK. A Local Agenda 21 is the strategy and action programme for implementing sustainable development at a local level. The Local Agenda 21 should be developed in close liaison with local communities and organisations.

Sustainable development is based on the idea that the quality of people’s lives, and the state of our communities, is affected by a combination of economic, social and environmental factors. Aberdeen City Council published its Local Agenda 21 Strategy in 2000, and it forms part of our Community Plan.

In 1996, Aberdeen City Council signed the Aalborg Charter for Sustainable Development. Since then Aberdeen City Council has undertaken a wide range of programmes towards achieving sustainable development and is seen as one of the leading local authorities in the UK in this field. In 2004, Aberdeen signed the Aalborg Commitments.  The Commitments are a clear set of actions that should be taken to ensure sustainable development at local authority level. They cover:

  • 1. Governance
  • 2. Local Management towards sustainability
  • 3. Natural common goods
  • 4. Responsible consumption and lifestyle choices
  • 5. Planning and design
  • 6. Better mobility, less traffic
  • 7. Local Action for health
  • 8. Vibrant and sustainable local economy
  • 9. Social equity and justice
  • 10. Local to global - The Council is currently undertaking a review of our progress with both the Commitments and our Local Agenda 21.