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Property Enquiry Certificates, History Reports and Road Adoption Plans

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When selling a property in Aberdeen City, it is best to ask your solicitor to apply for a Property Enquiry Certificate. This is part of the conveyancing duties they carry out, which normally include a property search.

Property Enquiry Certificates provide information on the past 10 years concerning properties in Aberdeen City:

  • Planning;
  • Building Standards;
  • Environmental Health;
  • Housing; 
  • Roads; and
  • Water *

The cost of a Property Enquiry Certificate is 70.00.

History Reports provide all historical information on all planning and building warrant applications relating to a property, along with their outcome. The cost of a History Report is 70.00.

Roads Adoption Plans show the extent of adopted roads surrounding properties. (A roads adoption plan is also included within a Property Enquiry Certificate.) The cost of a Roads Adoption Plan is 70.00.

* Please note that Scottish Water no longer provide information regarding water and sewer connections. For residential properties we can confirm if the property is subject to water charges through Council Tax only. For commercial properties all enquires are directed to a private company.

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