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Planning and Sustainable Development


The vision for Aberdeen is to be a city which is vibrant, dynamic, forward looking – an even better place to live and work, where people can expect high-quality services that meet their needs. This means making a visible difference to the quality of the city’s urban and natural environment by promoting high quality development and providing an effective infrastructure to make us a world class strategic location.

To do this we must think strategically, facilitate development, engage positively with communities and the business sector and be open and transparent in our decision making. We also have a key role in delivering the vision for the City and Shire as expressed through regional plans and strategies. Planning and Sustainable Development is tasked with seeing that Aberdeen stays at the forefront of planning for the future.

Within Planning and Sustainable Development, there are a number of services that help us to achieve our vision, namely: 

Development Management

Planning and Environmental Policy  


Masterplanning, Design and Conservation

Building Standards


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