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The Planning System is central to shaping the cities, towns and rural areas across Scotland.

It often has to balance competing and conflicting demands to ensure that land is used in the best way for the long-term interest of everyone. It also encourages public and developer participation in the future planning of an area in order to promote the Scottish Governments primary aim of sustainable economic development.

There is a pre-application enquiry advice page available:

The 2 main functions of the Planning System are:

Planning Applications and Planning Fees dealt with by the Development Management team, who are responsible for processing planning applications submitted to the the City Council as Planning Authority and for the Enforcement of breaches of planning control, and

Development Plans; which sets out the City Council's strategy and policies for the future development of the area through the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan and the Aberdeen Local Development Plan.

The primary piece of planning law in relation to Development Management and Development Plans is The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006, which amends The Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, as part of the modernisation of the planning system in Scotland. The new legislation has been introduced, in order to improve the efficiency of the system, including a more streamlined process and the ability to Submit and View planning applications online, which will greatly improve the public's access to information.

Details of how planning is changing can be found here:

There is a Scheme of Delegation process and further information on it is available:

For a guide to the Use Classes and Permitted Change of Use:

Masterplanning, Design and Conservation; sets out the process for new development design standards.