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Aberdeen Local Development Plan

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Aberdeen City Council adopted its second Local Development Plan on 20 January 2017.

This replaces the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2012. The Adopted Plan can be viewed at the following link:



The Supplementary Guidance and associated documentation for the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2017 can be found at the following link:


Legal Challenge

On 16 March 2017 Aberdeen City Council were served with notice of a legal challenge against the adoption of the 2017 Aberdeen Local Development Plan. The legal challenge is from Combined Corp BVI Ltd and relates to recommendations made in relation to Issue 11 – Allocated Sites and General Area Strategy: Deeside and Issue 12 –Alternative Sites: Deeside.

Consideration is currently being given to the implications for Aberdeen City Council.


Local Development Plan 2017 Archive 

Information on the Proposed Plan 2015 Examination and the Reporters Modifications can be viewed at the following link:


The 2017 LDP Process

Information on the review of the Aberdeen Local Development Plan (2012) and the preparation of our next Plan is available below:

Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2012  

Aberdeen City Council adopted its first Local Development Plan in February 2012. The Aberdeen Local Development Plan (ALDP)(2012) replaced the Aberdeen Local Plan (2008) and was the first Development Plan of its kind in Scotland.

The Local Development Plan is a vital public document which shapes the future of Aberdeen, and influences significant public and private investment in homes, businesses, shops, infrastructure and facilities. The plan and accompanying maps can be viewed and/or downloaded below along with the Environmental Report:


As part of the Local Development Plan the City Council also prepares Supplementary Guidance and Technical Advice Notes which supports the policies contained in the 2012 Plan. This can be viewed on the following page:


Legal Challenge - May 2013 Update

Aberdeen City Council has welcomed news that supermarket chain Tesco Stores Limited has dropped its Supreme Court challenge to the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2012. The challenge to the Supreme Court followed Aberdeen City Council's successful upholding of an earlier appeal to the Court of Session in October 2012. A link to the Aberdeen City Council official press statement is available here:

Archive information on the key stages in the preparation of the Aberdeen Local Development Plan 2012 can be viewed here: