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Conservation Area Guidance and Advice

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What are Conservation Areas ?

Conservation areas are designated by the planning authority - in this case Aberdeen City Council - as being areas of special architectural or historical interest, which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.

Most of the City's conservation areas have additional planning controls (Article 4 Directions) to ensure that the special character of the area is preserved and enhanced. Conservation areas are designated and have statutory protection under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act 1997.

There are currently eleven in Aberdeen ranging from Union Street in the City Centre to fishing villages. In conservation areas there are additional controls over demolition or alterations to buildings and planning permission is required if such alterations are considered to affect the character of the area. Trees in conservation areas are also protected.

Aberdeen City Heritage Trust makes available a limited number of discretionary grants for the external repair of historic buildings in Aberdeen's conservation areas:

Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plan

The Conservation Area Character Appraisals and management Plan was approved as Interim Planning Advice by the Development Management Sub Committee at its meeting on 18 July 2013. It provides generic guidance for all the City's conservation areas and highlights specific issues in individual conservation areas. It has Interim Planning Advice status and the document will be used to determine planning applications in conservation areas and comprises three elements that must be read together. The documents in question are pdfs and may take time to open.

Conservation building guidance

We also publish guidance on various issues affecting conservation areas as Supplementary Guidance and Technical Advice Notes:

Conservation Areas in Aberdeen

We are committed to producing character appraisals for all of Aberdeen's conservation areas. They identify those elements that contribute to a conservation area's special character and sense of place. Links to the individual conservation areas are listed below:

A list of streets in Conservation Areas is available below:

A map of the City's conservation areas is available below:


Conservation Areas location map

Conservation Area checklist

If you are considering carrying out work on your property (however minor) check with us whether you need:

  • planning permission;
  • listed building consent
  • conservation area consent;
  • advertisement consent
  • building warrant


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