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Food Safety Enforcement & Registering your Food Business

The enforcement of food safety legislation is undertaken by the Environmental Health Service.

All items of food intended for sale for human consumption, which are produced, stored, distributed, handled or consumed within the City must be without risk to the health or safety of the consumer and are satisfactory as to their nature, substance and quality. 

It is a legal requirement for all food businesses operating in the City to register with this Service. There is no charge for registration and the form can be accessed via the following links:

The Form should be printed off, completed, signed and returned to the contact address below. Forms can also be obtained by contacting the office on 012224 523800.

Where possible the Authority will use an educative approach to ensure businesses are complying with the relevant statutes relating to food safety. If issues remain unresolved after advice has been given, formal means of enforcement such as notices and in some cases, reports to the Procurator Fiscal are used to ensure public food safety is achieved.

The areas of work that the service are involved in are as follows:

  • Food Hygiene Inspections
  • Food Standards Inspections
  • Investigation of cases of illness where a food premises is implicated
  • Food sampling
  • Investigation of food complaints eg  foreign bodies found in food
    watering and/or substitution of alcoholic drinks

Advice is freely available to both businesses and members of the public on all aspects of food safety.

You can report a concern relating to food safety through our online service.


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