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Air Quality In Aberdeen


Welcome to Aberdeen City Councilís air quality web pages.  These pages provide information on air quality in Aberdeen, pollutant types and health effects, measures being taken to improve air quality in Aberdeen and much, much more.

Clean air is essential for health and helps to make the city a pleasant place to live. The most recent information and data on air quality in Aberdeen is available in the Councilís Air Quality Annual Progress Report 2017.  In Aberdeen air quality is generally good, however there are a few hot spots of raised pollution levels around the city centre and main roads such as Anderson Drive / Haudagain Roundabout and Wellington Road.  Road traffic is the main source of pollution and the Council aims to improve air quality through the implementation of the Air Quality Action Plan

However, clean air isnít just the responsibility of the City Council: everyone can play their part by Doing Your Bit. This provides information on what the Council and individuals can do to improve air quality.

Our Idling page also explains the dangers of idling and how it not only affects the quality of the air around us but is actually illegal. Our Cleaner Air for Aberdeen flyer can tell you more.

Air Quality Monitoring In Aberdeen

Click on the link below for Real Time Monitoring Data:

Passive monitoring of Nitrogen Dioxide levels is also carried out across the city. The monitoring locations can be seen by clicking the link below.

Recent and historical monitoring data can be viewed and downloaded from the Scottish Government air quality website:


Air Quality and Planning Guidance

Commercial Biomass and CHP Installations Guidance

Domestic Solid Fuel Appliances Guidance


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