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Building Standards Customer Charter

Building Standards customer charter image The Customer Charter aims to tell you: 

  1. What we do
  2. The level of service we hope to provide
  3. The standards we aim to achieve
  4. What to do if we fail to meet your expectations

From this and the information we receive we hope to:

  • Improve service delivery;
  • Show that the process is transparent
  • Be fair to all parties; and
  • Improve the quality of the service we provide

What we do

It is the intention of the Building (Scotland) Act 2003 that work on both new and existing buildings ensures the following:

  • Secures the health, safety, welfare and convenience of all persons in or about buildings and of others who may be affected by buildings or matters concerned with buildings;
  • Further the conservation of fuel and power; and
  • Further the achievement of sustainable development.

The Local Authority acts as a verifier to ensure that the aims of the Act are achieved in the granting of building warrants and acceptance of completion certificates.

Our Commitments

  1. Seek to reduce the average time it takes for customers to obtain a building warrant
  2. Ensure continuous improvement around the robustness of our verification assessments to ensure compliance
  3. Meet and seek to exceed customer expectations
  4. Provide a remedy for any customers adversely affected by a failure to meet agreed performance standards
  5. Carry out local customer satisfaction surveys
  6. Address feedback obtained through a Customer Satisfaction Survey to improve the customer experience
  7. Provide accurate financial data that is evidence based
  8. Engage with our peers and stakeholders through a National Forum that will identify and embed service at national level
  9. Develop and adhere to a Balanced Scorecard approach outlying our objectives and targets
  10. Fully adhere to the commitments outlined in this Charter
  11. Provide a consistent format for our continuous improvement plans

Level of Service

We will:

  • Treat you politely and not discriminate because of race, religion, age, gender, sexuality or disability; and
  • Listen to your views and give feedback when you wish it.

Telephone calls:

We will:

  • Answer calls as promptly as possible or relay them to the specific case officer to respond, when available, and usually on the same day;
  • Respond to telephone messages left on voice-mail in the same manner;
  • Only  transferred calls will if we can find the correct person to answer your enquiry.

Letters, faxes and e-mails:

We will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of correspondence within 5 working days;
  • Respond in full to correspondence within 15 working days; and
  • Ensure our responses are written in plain English and provide a quality response, addressing all of the issues raised.

When you visit City Council premises you will find:

  • Reception areas are clean, tidy and as accessible as possible;
  • Our staff wear identification badges at all times; and
  • A technical member of staff will be available at Marischal College during normal working hours although it is recommended that appointments are made with specific case officers for enquires on applications already submitted.

Performance Outcomes

In most cases, we aim to provide you with a technical response, or issue the building warrant, as applicable, within 20 working days from receipt of your valid application. In some cases, applications for a building warrant will result in a "customer agreement" between you and Building Standards where the performance outcomes including the target first response period will be specifically agreed.

Dissatisfaction with response times performance

Other than those applications covered by a customer agreement, if you have not received a technical response, or a building warrant, as applicable, within 35 working days from receipt of your valid application you have the right to request resolution to the matter. This may be done by contacting the Building Standards Manager

You may also report the issue to the Building Standards Division at the following e-mail address:

Failure to meet expectations

Complaints do arise. Sometimes we make mistakes. When this happens, we want people to let us know immediately what has gone wrong so we can apologise and put things right. In the first instance, discuss your concerns with the case officer. Should your concerns remain, please contact the Building Standards Manager to instigate further investigation. If you remain dissatisfied than you can lodge your complaint more formally through the City Council corporate complaints procedure, details of which can be provided in print form by request, at our reception or on the City Council's web-site.

For a full and expanded version of the Charter, please download the following pdf:

We also have a further document that maybe of interest to you concerning Building Standards providing a service to the public:



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