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Building Standards

Construction of building detail Single Plan Submission

Changes to Submitting a Building Warrant

As from 1 June 2010, Building Standards are changing the building warrant application process. Applicants/agents only require to submit 1 single set of coloured plans. See link for guidance notes: Agents Pack for Building Warrant applications.

The purpose of Building Standards is to ensure that building work on both new and existing buildings meet reasonable standards. The intention of the standards is to:

  • Secure the health, safety welfare and convenience of persons in and around buildings.
  • Further the conservation of fuel and power
  • Further the achievement of sustainable development.

Aberdeen City Council fulfils 2 roles in this context:

Firstly as verifier to protect the public interest where applications for building warrant to construct, alter, extend, convert, provide services, fittings or equipment to buildings or demolish buildings have been or are about to be made.

Secondly to enforce building legislation in respect of building work carried out without approval and to ensure public safety in respect of dangerous and defective buildings through enforcement processes.

Change of Fee for 'LETTER OF COMFORT'

Please note that as of 1 April 2009 the fee for a letter of comfort will be as follows:

 A letter of comfort for work done prior to 1 May 2005 where warrant approval had been granted - 180.00
 A letter of comfort for work done prior to 1 May 2005 where no warrant approval had been granted - 300.00

For the Letter of Comfort form, please see the Building Standards Forms page.

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive and you may have other duties as well. To find out more, please see: HSE - Building Control.

For Property Enquiry Certificates information and contact details, please see the following link: Property Enquiry Certificates


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