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Nomination of Third Religious Representative

The Education, Culture and Sport Committee of Aberdeen City Council includes three representatives of religious bodies.  The Council is obliged by law to include one representative of the Church of Scotland and one representative of the Roman Catholic Church and these appointments have been made. 

In appointing a third religious representative, the Council is required to have regard to the comparative strength of all the churches and denominational bodies having duly constituted charges or other regularly appointed places of worship within the city, taking into account the two appointments already made.  The third person should not be a member of the Church of Scotland or the Roman Catholic Church. 

In order to make this appointment, representatives of other churches and denominational bodies fulfilling the above description are invited to attend a meeting in the Town House, Broad Street, Aberdeen on Wednesday 27 June 2012 at 6.30 pm.

The meeting is intended to allow for a discussion of broad principles before, if possible, securing a single nomination from those in attendance, of the third religious representative, for subsequent consideration by the Council. 

Participants should note that representation at the meeting will be restricted to one member of each denomination or faith.

For further information, please email