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Frozen Pipes?

What should I do if my pipes start leaking?

Turn off the stopcock and, if you're a council tenant call our repair line on *08456 080 929 immediately. The first available Plumber will be dispatched to your property. It is important in protecting your property that our Plumbers are deployed repairing leaks rather than trying to thaw frozen pipes.

What can I do to prevent my pipes from freezing?

The best thing to do is avoid freezing pipes by keeping your heating on at all times

Can well-lagged pipes or plastic ones be affected, too?

Even well-lagged pipes can freeze where there are components that are unheated or benefit from no ambient heating. Insulation or lagging is only a barrier, so if there is no heat going in it will not prevent freezing.

My pipes are frozen solid, what should I do?

The most important messages is to switch the stop-cock off straight away.

Then, if at all possible, just let nature take its course - wait for things to warm up: switch off and wait.

*The only charge for this call will be your phone company's access charge