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Blue Badge Application Scam

It has come to the attention of Aberdeen City Council that there is a scam website offering to help people apply for a Blue Badge for 49.

The scam website requires you to pay the 49 up-front for which the information that is provided is not passed on to Aberdeen City Council. Applicants who have used this scam have then innocently went to track their application and find that it is non existent. You will then have to apply to the council and still be required to pay the 20 fee if your application is successful.

Applying directly will only cost you 20 if your application is successful.
Applications for a Blue Badge should be made through the GOV.UK website which is a free service or you can contact Aberdeen City Council directly where we will send you an application form for free.

If you have any doubts about a website or your application, contact the Blue Badge Team to get more information or advice about the Blue Badge scheme on 03000 200 292.