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Budget Factfile

The council is required to set its council tax levels before 11th March as set out in the Local Government Finance Act 1992.This year Full Council meets to agree its budget on 25th February.

To view the the full budget press release visit: Aberdeen City Council set to discuss 2016-17 budgets

To view the full budget papers to be considered by council visit: Full Council Agenda - Budget Meeting 2016 

Budget facts 2016-17:-
  • The total net cost of running council services in 2015/16 was 457m;
  • Aberdeen City Council has had a reduction in funding from the Scottish Government of just over 10.3million for 2016-17;
  • The Scottish Government's Local Government Finance Settlement contains details for 2016-17 only;
  • The budgetary position for 2016-17 has been reviewed and remodelled and included examining cost pressures such as contractual obligations and staffing costs;
  • The budget deficit for 2016-17 is 2.4m.

To be decided at Full Council:-
  • 5.9million of possible saving options have been identified for elected members to consider;
  • These include an array of options - some of which have been reported upon already – but the final decision will be made by councillors at the Full Council meeting tomorrow;
  • ACC is looking to protect front-line services and jobs by focusing on back-office savings options and efficiencies;
  • If approved, there is to be 516million of capital investment in the city to 2020/2021;
  • 11.3million is kept within the Budget as General Fund reserves, with the express intention of ensuring Aberdeen City Council can deal with unexpected and unplanned expenditure should the need arise;
  • Agreement to the terms of the financial settlement including freezing council tax for a ninth consecutive year.