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Club Gaming Permits and Club Machine Permits

There are 2 types of permit that a club can apply for:

1. Club Gaming Permit or
2. Club Machine Permit.

1.   Club Gaming Permit

The Licensing Board may grant a Club Gaming Permit to members’ clubs (but not commercial clubs).         

A Club Gaming Permit authorises the provision of:

Up to 3 gaming machines of category B, C or D (in any combination) 
Equal chance gaming and
Prescribed games of chance

The Licensing Board cannot add conditions to the permit but the following will automatically apply:

  • Only members or guests of members may participate in the gaming
  • Nobody under the age of 18 has access to a category B or C gaming machine and
  • The club complies with any codes of practice issued by the Gambling Commission about the location and operation of its gaming machines.

A Club Gaming Permit will allow clubs to offer gaming facilities as detailed above in addition to those they are allowed to offer under their exempt gaming allowance (Sections 269 & 270 of the Act).

2. Club Machine Permit

The Licensing Board may grant a Club Machine Permit to a Members’ Club or a Commercial Club.

A Club Machine Permit authorise the provision of: Up to 3 gaming machines, each of which must be of category B, C or D (in any combination).

Please refer to the Guidance notes before making an application.

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