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There are a wide range of activities which are licensed or controlled by the Aberdeen City Council and the Licensing Board.

The Licensing section is involved in the operation of:

Individuals or organisations wishing to hold certain events may need several licences or permissions. To find out more see the Licensing - Organising A Public Event.

To view all current license application notices within Aberdeen City, please visit TellMeScotland. This is Scotland's national public information notices (PINS) portal where you can view licensing application notices released by Aberdeen City Council as well as all other councils in Scotland.

Please note that the Licensing Section pages are intended to guide you through the procedures associated with making an application for a licence. They are not intended to summarise relatively complex areas of the law. Anyone using these pages should obtain independent advice from their own solicitors, accountants and other advisors

EUGO Logo EU Services Directive

The EU Services Directive came into force on 28 December 2009. The Services Directive allows you to apply and pay online for a variety of licences and permits.

The EU Services Directive aims to break down barriers to cross border trade in services between countries in the EU. It will make it easier for service providers, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, to offer their services to customers in other EU countries, whether establishing elsewhere in the EU or providing services remotely from the UK.

Licences and Permits

The EU Services Directive covers the following licence and permit types available from Aberdeen City Council: