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Secretariat Functions

The Policy & Advice Team provides secretariat services (in most cases including the provision of procedural and legal advice to members and trustees) to the following committees and outside bodies:

  • Grampian Joint Police Board
  • Employee Appeals Committee
  • Pensions Panel 
  • Aberdeen Bulawayo Trust
  • Aberdeen Forward Limited
  • Aberdeen Gomel Trust
  • Aberdeen International Football Festival Trust 
  • Aberdeen International Youth Festival Trust
  • Aberdeen Safer Community Trust
  • Chris Anderson Trust
  • Jack Wood Trust
  • Lemon Tree Trust
  • Marguerite McBey Trust
  • Proctor's Orphanage, Skene

Where the body in question has its own web site, a link is provided. Enquiries about a particular body's activities should be directed, in the first instance, to the appropriate contact identified on the relevant website.

Grampian Joint Police Board

Grampian Joint Police Board is established to perform the functions of the police authority in the local government areas of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray. Its key areas of responsibility are as follows:

  • Allocation of resources

The Board sets the annual budget for Grampian Police, provides the Chief Constable with the resources required for policing within the Force area and is responsible (along with the Chief Constable) for securing Best Value in the use of those resources.

  • Appointment and conduct of senior officers

The Board, in conjunction with the Scottish Ministers, is responsible for appointing the senior officers (Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable, Assistant Chief Constable) of Grampian Police and for their conduct and removal.

  • Employment of support staff

The Board is the employer of support staff, but is required to delegate responsibility for their operational management to the Chief Constable.

  • Scrutiny

The Board is required to keep itself informed as to the manner in which the Chief Constable deals with complaints against officers of Grampian Police, and receives (and in certain circumstances may require) reports from the Chief Constable on policing matters.

  • Miscellaneous

These include meeting certain claims in respect of the exercise of policing functions and making appointments to police appeals tribunals. The Board is subject to a duty to participate in community planning.

The Board is setting up a scheme for independent custody visiting. This will involve unannounced visits to Police custody areas by volunteer members of the public, with the purpose of ensuring that the welfare of detainees is receiving adequate attention. Further information about this scheme can be obtained from the Clerk.

Anyone with a complaint about Grampian Police should bear in mind that the Board is only responsible for the conduct of the senior officers identified above. Complaints about senior officers must relate to personal misconduct - the complaints system is not intended as a line of appeal against operational decisions. Complaints about officers below the rank of Assistant Chief Constable should be directed to:

  • Professional Standards and Conduct Department
    Grampian Police
    Force Headquarters
    Queen Street
    Aberdeen, AB10 1ZA

All aspects of operational policing within the Grampian Police area are the responsibility of the Chief Constable, not the Board. For more information on Grampian Police visit the Grampian Police website.


  • Clerk to the Board
    Grampian Joint Police Board
    Town House
    Broad Street
    Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ

View the Grampian Police Board Publication Scheme.

Employee Appeals Committee

The Employee Appeals Committee of Aberdeen City Council hears appeals against punitive action under the Council's Disciplinary Procedure and as the final stage (Stage 3) of the Council's Grievance Procedure. The Policy & Advice Team administers the appeals process and can provide the necessary forms, but employees considering exercising a right of appeal are advised to consult with - and use the services of - a trade union representative. Mediation, arranged by Personnel and Organisational Development Services, will be offered in parallel with an appeal but is not part of the formal appeals process.

Aberdeen Bulawayo Trust

This exists to relieve poverty among the inhabitants of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The current difficulties in Zimbabwe have created additional challenges for the Trust and efforts go on to target project funding where it is most needed. For further information about current projects, contact:

Chris Anderson Trust

The purpose of this Trust is to assist the development of sporting talent in young persons (under 18 years of age) who live in the former Grampian Region and who would be unable to develop their talent fully without assistance. It does this by providing grants to individuals and organising sports summer schools.

Jack Wood Trust

This Trust is established to support the development of amateur footballers in the City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. For further details of the Trust's activities, contact:

Marguerite McBey Trust

The purpose of this Trust is to support the Fine Art collections at Aberdeen Art Gallery, with a particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on the works of James McBey.

Proctor's Orphanage, Skene

The former Proctor's Orphanage (latterly Proctor's Children's Home) at Kirkton of Skene has been disused, but kept wind and water tight, for some time. Trustees are at present considering proposals that would aim to keep it in a use that would be as close as modern practices allow to the donor's original intentions.

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