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Accountancy Training Scheme

Accountancy Training Scheme


The scheme will provide the opportunity to obtain work experience across the broad spectrum of services provided by the finance team, whilst also working towards becoming a fully qualified accountant. It will ensure the correct skill sets to progress in a career in Aberdeen City Council and ties in with the organisation's belief that through investing in the personal and professional development of its people it can continuously improve the services provided to the citizens of Aberdeen, and in so doing deliver on the overarching values and visions of the organisation.

The Qualification

The qualification to be undertaken is CIPFA (The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy) which specialises in the public sector and is a member of CCAB (The Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies).

The syllabus reflects the latest policies, standards, challenges and opportunities affecting public services, and aims to provide professionals with the skills required to handle the job upon commencement of their learning. It also teaches students to consider non financial issues such as value for money, balancing customer service, public opinions, corporate strategy and political requirements with cost - something that is key for finance professionals within the local government environment.

CIPFA also provide support to trainees and qualified members through the CIPFA Learning Centre, which is an online resource that helps with their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) as well as providing an online community to help with development. Further to this CIPFA engage with their students through areas such as interactive study material, course providers, student societies, events and regular newsletters. On top of this there is a Student Society as part of the Scottish Branch of CIPFA, for students to interact and network with their peers.

To find out more about the CIPFA qualification please click on the following link:

There are three stages to the CIPFA syllabus: Certificate Level, Diploma Level and Final Test of Professional Competence.

Roles and Gradings

The roles within the scheme will range from G10 to a G14 (20,029 - 38,538). The breakdown of this is as follows:

  • Entry level trainee (20,029 - 22,530) . This will be someone with either the relevant experience or qualification to gain entry to the CIPFA Professional Qualification.
  • Trainee with some experience (22,549 - 25,762). This will be someone who has experience of working in an accountancy/finance related environment (attained either from a previous role or through having worked competently at the G10 level), has completed stage one of the CIPFA qualification, and has demonstrated competence in the tasks required of them.
  • Part Qualified (25,782 - 29,437). This will be an individual who has successfully completed two thirds (stage one and stage two) of the examinations required for the CIPFA qualification, and also shown competence in the work they have undertaken.
  • Newly Qualified (29,456 - 33,670). This will be an individual who has successfully completed the CIPFA qualification and will allow them to gain the necessary experience and skill set to fully utilise this.
  • Qualified and experienced (33,689 - 38,538). An individual at this level will be expected to take on additional responsibilities as outlined in the job description.

Professional Development

The Initial Professional Development Scheme (IPDS) runs parallel to the course and involves the submission of a portfolio at the end of study that demonstrates the practical skills and experience that students have gained at work. The Council undertakes to work with the trainee to ensure sufficient exposure to activities within the competency areas and to provide support to undertake the professional activities as required within the IPDS. Once the portfolio has been successfully assessed the trainees are eligible for Full Membership.

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