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About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a city for living and effortlessly combines the benefits of city life with easy access to outdoor pursuits and the stunning scenery in the surrounding countryside. Aberdeen is at the heart of a region recognised for its quality of life. It's a city that boasts continuing success – economically, socially and environmentally.

Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council is led by its 43 elected members, who together represent Aberdeen. The Council is the democratically elected leader of the local community with a responsibility for the well-being and sustainable development of Aberdeen City. Councillors have a key role in making sure local government fulfils its main purposes of providing quality services, protecting the environment, and working towards developing a sound economy within the principles of partnership, equality and accountability.

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The Finance Team The Finance Team

The Finance Team is part of the Corporate Governance directorate which provides a range of services to the Council including Legal & Democratic, Human Resources, Procurement and ICT as well as front line Customer Services. The Finance Team encompasses:

  • Accounting - ensuring compliance with statutory financial reporting requirements and providing strategic financial input to meet our internal and external customer needs and enabling our internal customers to successfully manage their business.
  • Pensions – administering the pension fund and ensuring compliance with legislation on behalf of Aberdeen City Council.
  • Financial Services – making timely and accurate payments to anyone who does business with the council; giving advice and support to ensure the council is appropriately protected; providing efficient and effective administration services across the council.
  • Revenue and Benefits – collecting revenue effectively and ensuring benefits and reductions are correctly paid. 

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