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Find a home

  • Personalised advice and information for managing your housing situation

Request a Council House Repair

  • Find guidance about using the online form to report/request a repair to your council house.


Request a mutual house exchange

  • Find details on how to apply for a mutual exchange.

Find Sheltered Housing

  • Details on all sheltered, amenity and extra care housing properties.


Find some advice about benefits

  • Advice and assistance in claiming benefits.

Pay my rent online

  • Pay your rent using our secure online payment facility

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Council Housing

Council Tenants

  • All information on rent (including viewing your account online), repairs and improvements, contacts and tenant participation.


  • Advice and information if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.
Housing Advice Aberdeen

Self Assessment and notes

  • Complete Housing Advice Aberdeen's  online self assessment for advice on how to manage your housing situation.
Living in Aberdeen

Living in Aberdeen

  • Welfare rights and sheltered housing information for residents.
Housing Publications and Policies

Publications, Policies and Performance

  • Access all housing publications, policies and forms.
Private Housing

Private Housing

  • Information for Landlords and houses in multiple occupation information and application form.
Home Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency

  • Home energy efficiency information.
Low Cost Home Ownership

Low Cost Home Ownership

  • Information on low cost home ownership and affordable homes currently for sale.