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Housing Support Service Charges in Sheltered Housing Developments

In 2008, Aberdeen City Council agreed to integrate the Home Care and Sheltered Housing Warden Services. The main objectives in doing this were:

  • To improve the quality of care and support provided, and importantly
  • To reduce the number of people having to move to more supported accommodation or care homes at times of greater need.

The service is called 'Integrated Care at Home' and replaced the former Sheltered Housing Wardens with Senior Personal Carers. This 'modernised' service also provides better value for money.

The senior personal carers' main tasks are to carry out all the duties of the former wardens in sheltered housing and also co-ordinating and providing additional support and care at home for those residents who need it. The integrated service provides a quicker and more flexible response to residents whose care and housing support needs change. This is particularly important at times of illness and crisis which can last for short or longer periods of time.

The current weekly housing support charge in sheltered housing is 12.78. Tenants are offered a financial assessment in order to determine their level of contribution to the charge.

There has been no increase to the charge since its introduction in 2005 but this is currently being reviewed and will be reported to the appropriate committee in spring 2013.

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