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Housing for Varying Needs Review - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will my sheltered housing development be demolished?
    A: No, there are no plans to demolish any sheltered housing developments.
  • Q: Will I be forced to move?
    A: No, tenants will not be forced to move. 
  • Q: What will happen if my sheltered housing is changed but I need the services currently provided in sheltered housing?
    A: You will continue to receive the appropriate housing support service, based on your assessed needs for as long as you wish to remain at your current address.  This will not be the case for new tenants coming to the development; they will receive the new service. 
  • Q: Will I get compensation?
    A: A small amount of existing tenants in sheltered housing developments may be offered a relocation package to cover removal expenses.  This is likely to be available in the later stages of the change.
  • Q: Can I move to another development if I want to?
    A: Applications to transfer will be progressed in the normal way.  The developments available to you will be based on an assessment of your current needs. 
  • Q: Will my rent change?
    A: No, not as a result of this review.
  • Q: Will the 12.78 housing support charge (or warden charge) be reduced?
    A: The charging policy; housing support charge and charges for meals at very sheltered housing is expected to be considered by Council in March 2013.  
  • Q: If my sheltered housing development is changed, will I still have to pay the 19.70 housing support charge?
    A: Tenants may have the option of changing their housing support service and associated charge if the new service suits their needs.
  • Q: What is the charge for Amenity and Amenity+?
    A: This will be agreed by Council in March 2013.
  • Q: What will happen to me if my development is changed and younger people or families are to be let in?
    A: Any change will be managed sensitively and the needs of our current sheltered housing tenants will be our priority.  
  • Q: Will you change the way you allocate sheltered housing? 
    A: Changes were introduced in October 2012 with the review of the Scheme of Allocations.  Applicants are now assessed by a new team known as the Housing Assessment Team.  We no longer consider medical forms from applicants.
  • Q: Will I still qualify for a free television licence?
    A: Sheltered Housing tenants will still qualify for this. Tenants who change to an amenity service, will have to buy their own television licence.  New tenants who are amenity tenants or mainstream tenants will have to buy their own television licence.
  • Q: If I reduce the service I currently have and become an amenity tenant, what will happen if my health deteriorates and I then need to be a sheltered tenant again?
    A: As long as the on site Senior Personal Care staff are still located in your development, you will be able to increase your housing support service back up to the sheltered housing level.  
  • Q: If my development is to be let as amenity housing, will a sheltered housing applicant be able to apply?
    A: No, once an applicant has been assessed as requiring sheltered housing, they cannot be considered for an amenity development.  It will be let to applicants who have been assessed as requiring amenity housing.
  • Q: Will the bus still take us to Asda?
    A: Yes, Asda have confirmed that changes to the designation of the building in which you live will have no impact on their current bus routes.

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