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Housing for Varying Needs Review: A Strategic Review of our Sheltered and Very Sheltered Housing

These pages provide information on the Housing for Varying Needs Review currently being progressed by Aberdeen City Council.

If, after reading this information you feel that your question has not been answered, please email the Project Manger: and a response will be sent to you. Alternatively, phone Fiona Tyrie directly on 523312 to discuss the review and how it may affect you.


In 2011/12, senior officers from several council services reviewed the Council's sheltered and very sheltered housing service. The review not only examined the buildings and the housing support service provided, but has also considered feedback from tenants in a major survey and continued consultation with the tenant group; The Sheltered Housing Network. The review also looked at:

  • the changing demographics likely to impact on service demand over the next 25 years;
  • trends for demand for sheltered and very sheltered accommodation within Aberdeen City;
  • the quality and quantity of existing provision.


The key findings of the review were as follows:

  • there is an over provision of sheltered housing, particularly multi storey sheltered housing;
  • there is a lack of demand for some sheltered housing developments;
  • there is a need/opportunity to review investment in and use of individual developments;
  • a range of housing support services would offer an increased choice for tenants;
  • the charging policy for housing support services at all developments and meal provision at very sheltered housing developments need to be reviewed and applied consistently;
  • the housing support charge and the way it has been applied has created disharmony between neighbours.
  • services based on four levels of housing support will offer increased choice for tenants:

        - Level 1 amenity ; 
        - Level 2 amenity+ ; 
        - Level 3 sheltered ;
        - Level 4 very sheltered.

A report on the review was considered by Councillors at the Housing and Environment Committee in January 2013. The report can be viewed using the following link: Housing for Varying Needs Review - Report.

Recommendations in the report were approved and officers are now in the process of progressing the first phase of implementation. Since then, officers have periodically updated members of The Housing and Environment Committee on the progress of the review. Communication with tenants has been done through the Sheltered Housing Network. The group display the minutes from each of their meetings on the notice board at all sheltered and very sheltered housing developments.

Progress to date:

Smithfield Court: the majority of sheltered housing tenants at this development have been transferred to alternative developments in the city and work to refurbish the building will soon commence. After refurbishment is complete, this building will be let as mainstream housing, (it will no longer be sheltered housing.)

The future use of the following developments will be as amenity housing and these developments are currently in transition from sheltered housing to amenity housing:
Balmoral Court, Holburn
Bede House Court, Old Aberdeen
Craigton Park, Mannofield
Flats around Constitution Court at Constitution Street, Constitution Lane and South Constitution Street
Meadow Court, Tillydrone
Regensburg Court, Sheddocksley
Seaview House, Seaton
Thorngrove Court, Mannofield

The original decision in relation to Berrymoss Court and Parkhill Court in Dyce has been reviewed and the plan for these developments is to manage them as one large development.

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