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Renting a Home from Housing Associations and Registered Social Landlords

Man clipping hedge There are around 200 housing associations and housing co-operatives in Scotland registered with the Scottish Government (known as Registered Social Landlords). Registered housing associations are usually non-profit making societies - although there are a few exceptions. They are run by professional staff, but controlled by voluntary management committees. Housing associations get grants from the Scottish Government towards the costs of building homes for rent or shared ownership.

There are a number of RSLs in Aberdeen, which provide general needs and specialist housing in the City and Aberdeenshire.


The rents charged by housing association properties depend on various factors including where the home is, the services available in the area, and the facilities within the home itself, such as what kind of heating system, or size of kitchen it has.

Rights and responsibilities of housing association tenants

Tenants share responsibility for repairs to housing-association properties with the housing association. Generally, the association is responsible for keeping the structure and permanent fittings of the building in good condition and you are responsible for decorating inside, providing furnishings and removable fittings such as appliances and lights. Your responsibilities will be in your tenancy agreement, and you can get full details of the responsibilities from your housing association.


Aberdeen City Council offer support to help elderly or people with disabilities to continue living comfortably and independently in their own homes. The Council may be able to offer you funding to suit your needs. Changes we might be able to make include putting in showers, extra heating, handrails and ramps. Generally, you should write to the association with your request. Usually, an Occupational Therapist will visit you, to decide what help you need.

Transfers and mutual exchanges

You can apply to transfer to a different home owned by the housing association, or to join a mutual exchange scheme, which is where you swap homes with another household. If you apply for a transfer, the housing association will handle the request under the terms of their own policy for offering people houses.

Housing Associations in Aberdeen

If you are interested in housing in Aberdeenshire you can apply to various organisations through the website Apply4homes.