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Housing Service Plan 2009 - 2012

Welcome to your Housing Service Plan.  This plan sets out our aims and objectives for the next three years. It details the main challenges facing the council, such as the building of affordable homes, abolition of homeless priority need and the completion of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard programme.

It sets our vision for the future and how we will achieve our goals and the benefits it will bring to staff and customers alike in terms of service delivery and job satisfaction. Together with the main service plan we have also included links to the three major service plans which make up the housing service i.e.. Homeless, Housing Management and Asset Management & Response Repairs.  These plans are more detailed and identify how each service will contribute to the delivery of the overall plan.

We trust you will find the Housing Service Plan interesting and informative and we have attached at the end a short questionnaire which we urge you to complete so we can provide you with more information.  This will assist us in developing the plans.

The document is easy to navigate: just go to the contents page and click on the chapter headings to go straight to the desired section of the plan.  There are also links which lead directly to different sites on The Zone and external websites which will be of interest to the reader.  There are also links in the main service plan to the Homeless, Housing Management or Asset Management & Response Repairs plans.

Download a copy of the Housing Service Plan and related documents below:

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